Chooses Teads to Muscle its Way into Global Outstream Advertising Market

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Teads’ Holds a Solid Track-Record with the Best Media Brands in the World, Currently Reaching 1.2+ Billion Visitors Globally

AI-driven global media platform, Teads, has joined hands with the leading international 24-hour English news platform,, to monetize its international visitor base. Currently, reaches close to 95 million monthly international visitors. Teads, a leading outstream video advertising marketplace in the world, ould enable the commercially funded news channel to deliver highly scaled-up video inventory. This would help to directly increase video ad monetization through both its direct sales team as well as Teads demand.


At the time of this announcement, Emily Brewer, UK Head of Publishing at Teads, said, “We are proud to be working with one of the world’s most prestigious media brands and look forward to providing outstream advertising to global audiences on”

Errol Baran, SVP, Business Development and Innovation, BBC Global News, added, “We look forward to working with Teads in the future to deliver outstream video advertising to our commercially funded international news platform,”

With this partnership, Teads is set to reinvent digital advertising for in an unprecedented manner. This arrangement exemplifies Teads’ track-record with the best media brands in the world, currently reaching 1.2+ billion visitors globally.

Teads is recognized as a leading provider of quality, brand-safe environments to brands and advertisers. It is also the founding member of the IAB’s Gold Standard.

This huge, brand-safe reach has been built by Teads’ continued innovation in video and display advertising – most recently inRead AR, which builds augmented reality features into outstream ads. This focus on creativity through technology ensures not only an engaging user experience but also greater creativity in advertising for brands and advertisers. 

Teads also empowers leading publishers in the world and distribute ads to over 1.2 billion people every month within the professionally-produced content.

The outcome-oriented advertising powered by cutting-edge creative technology (Teads Studio) and AI-driven optimization, Teads has revolutionized and reinvented the flywheel of digital ads, primarily focused on maintaining the quality standards to delight users, publishers and advertisers.

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