CloudCherry Recognized as Top Tech Startup on Startup50 2017 List

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The Latest Recognition Reflects CloudCherry’s Innovations in the Growing Customer Experience Management Marketplace

CloudCherry, a next-generation customer experience software solution, has been listed in Startup50’s Big 50-2017 report, an annual roundup of the top tech startups of the year. CloudCherry’s Customer Experience Management (CEM) solution measures customer satisfaction and delivers outcome-driven results through predictive insights.

To earn a spot in the Big 50, startups must demonstrate viability through a series of tests and challenges. More than 160 startups applied to be considered for the Big 50-2017.

Gartner Recognized CloudCherry in Their 2017 Market Guide for Voice-of-Customer Solutions 

Vinod Muthukrishnan
Vinod Muthukrishnan, CEO of Cloudcherry

At the time of this announcement, Vinod Muthukrishnan, Co-Founder and CEO of CloudCherry stated, “We are honored to be recognized by Startup50 as a top tech startup in 2017. We are redefining what customers should expect from their CEM programs and a recognition like this only adds to the momentum. We’re excited to continue growing with our customers in 2018 and contribute to the evolution of CEM.”

In an exclusive chat with us, CEO Vinod Muthukrishnan made some startling narration on CloudCherry’s future roadmap based on their learning from 2017.

What were the predominantly challenging moments of 2017 for you?

2017 was a year of massive change and scale for us. We unveiled our product in the US and Singapore, set up our offices in Salt Lake City and grew the core founding team here. So many things could have gone wrong and yet here we are, in 2018, with marquee customers across the US, Singapore, Malaysia, having grown 4 times in the last 12 months and most importantly, with a very high Net Promotor Score (NPS) from our customers.

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How would this recognition enable you to accelerate growth in 2018?

Startup50’s rigorous and methodical process of selection validates the faith of enterprises in our product, the market problems we address and ultimately the impact we want to create. As a disruptive startup in the space, our primary quest is to ensure the industry is aware of how we stand out.

The latest Startup50 recognition positions us perfectly with businesses as they look towards disruptive startups to solve challenges they face.

What’s the secret recipe for delivering a truly personalized omnichannel customer experience?

The presence of multiple channels is not omnichannel. The fundamental difference between omnichannel and multi-channel is how seamlessly the customer journey is stitched together in the back end, carrying forward customer context from one part of the journey to the other.

The other ingredient in the secret recipe is to ensure that customer profiling isn’t done purely on transaction history or demographic attributes.

Blending customer sentiment and seeing how that drives loyalty, transaction and advocacy with customer sub-segments allows us to overlay this understanding on to the customer journey and truly deliver a personalized omnichannel experience.

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How do sales teams benefit from including customer experience in their stack?

Customer experience (CX) starts with expectation setting. Everything that follows is our quest to deliver against expectations already set, and disaffection stems from this not happening. Sales teams are the ones that set an expectation and hence a deep understanding of the drivers of customer experience allows them to sell and set expectation better, setting the organization up for success.

The other big help for sales team is to use CX technology to identify the ‘ideal customer’ and focus marketing and sales efforts on customer segments that are most aligned to their brand and product. Selling to the wrong audience is a fatal flaw, but CX analytics can help avoid that. Finally, the best marketing is customer-led. Investing in CX and creating an army of evangelical customers is the best marketing a sales team can ask for.

What are the new markets and technology communities that you are willing to explore?

Our focus remains on staying committed to and taking the ownership of markets we are presently doing very well in – the US and South East Asia with focus on Banking/Finance, Services, Retail and B2B.

StartUp50 Recognition Boosts Company’s Global Identity

Jeff Vance, founder and Editor-in-Chief of Startup50 shared, “I’ve been covering top tech startups since the dotcom bubble first started to inflate. As a journalist, one of the most vexing challenges is separating the contenders from the science projects. With so much noise in the startup world, finding any meaningful signals, especially the ones that truly correlate with success, is an uphill battle.”

Big50 2017 Badge
                           Big50 2017 Badge

Startup50 features startups that focus on what really matters: real people and the real-world problems they’re struggling to overcome. Customer experience has become the key driver of brand success today. However, most of the methods currently used are outdated or offer limited functionality.

Brands need a solution that empowers them to listen to their customers effectively, instantly and directly across their entire journey with the brand; and consumers deserve a platform that gives them direct access to the brand.

CloudCherry offers a customizable, easy-to-use SaaS product with an open API, which allows for complex customer journeys to be visualized and engaged in real-time across 17+ channels including smart devices, email, SMS, web, QR Codes, IVRs and Micro-surveys.

Brands can measure key metrics like their Net Promoter Score, Customer Effort Score, CSAT, and more, and integrate the data from their CRM, POS, Support software, and any other systems of record, into the customer journey and use that to derive predictive analytics on how Customer Experience impacts business outcomes like sales, revenue per customer and churn.

Currently, CloudCherry’s Customer Experience Management (CEM) solution measures customer satisfaction and delivers outcome-driven results in an easy to use solution. CloudCherry helps organizations gain predictive, actionable insights and use Customer Experience improvements to drive key business and financial outcomes.

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