Google Cloud Next ’18: Key Announcements Every CMO Should Know from the Event

Google Cloud Next ’18 Led the Way in Turning More Heads that Ever for Business Leaders and CMOs with their 100+ New Announcements

Google Cloud Next’ 18 turned out to be the event of the month for global marketing teams. The tech giants from all over the world thronged to SF last week to celebrate their dependence and collaboration with Google. Add to it, the freefall of Facebook in the share market. The rumor mills kept winding more about more privacy, data protection, the social media apocalypse, and everything AI.

We decided to bring you to top martech-specific developments from the Google Cloud Next’18 that every martech team should be aware of.

Deloitte Announces Collaboration with Google Cloud and SAP

Deloitte collaborated with Google Cloud and SAP to help customers successfully migrate their SAP applications to Google Cloud Platform (GCP). The benefits – SAP, Deloitte, and GCP would deliver 3X more value to their customers in seamlessly managing the digital transformation journeys an hyper-scale all cloud operations management.

The Birth of Accenture Google Cloud Business Group, or AGBG

Businesses can now build next-generation processes with artificial intelligence and machine learning based approaches to create new value across the enterprise. Accenture and Google Cloud joined forces to form the Accenture Google Cloud Business Group, or AGBG. The new group further solidifies the partnership between the two tech giants, since they first came together in 2016.

Expanding Google Cloud’s Solutions for SaaS partners

At the third annual Google Cloud Next event, Google kicked off things by welcoming their existing and ever-expanding galaxy of Google Cloud partners. The annual Partner Summit saw unfurling of many new programs to help technology partners bring next-gen SaaS applications at the doorstep of their customers.

Google Cloud Partners

Everything AI and Machine Learning

Google Cloud Next’18 witnessed an unprecedented development in AI, machine learning and natural language processing technologies. The technology leaders should be particularly keen about three new programs in beta. These are:

  • Google Cloud AutoML Natural Language
  • AutoML Translation
  • AutoML Vision Documentation

For voice-search and call analytics platforms, Google announced new improvements to Cloud Text-to-Speech. This would offer multilingual access to voices generated by DeepMind WaveNet technology and the ability to optimize for the type of speaker you plan to use.

The company also demonstrated the updated version of Kubeflow. Kubeflow v0.2 would now make it easier for customers to use machine learning software stacks on Kubernetes, powered by an improved user interface and several enhancements to monitoring and reporting.

Make a High-Quality Customer Service Accessible to All Customers with AI-Based Contact Center

Self-servicing tools for contact centers have a new player in the league. The DialogFlow Enterprise Edition powered by AI and Machine learning helps customers build virtual assistants and intelligent assists without any waiting queue.

In its new version, Google’s Contact Center AI is set to turn into a trusted tool for building natural, cross-platform conversational experiences “without needing expertise in natural language processing or AI.”

G Suite | Enterprise collaboration and productivity

Apart from the new Gmail that provides offline access to users, Google has announced a battery of new developments for the entire G Suite, particularly focused at enterprises and small-scale collaborations. Particularly important developments that every CMO should know are:

  • Smart Reply in Hangouts Chat
  • Smart Compose
  • Grammar Suggestions in Google Docs
  • Voice commands in Hangouts Meet (select launch for G Suite Customers)

Salesforce Add-On in Google Sheets

How could we keep Salesforce out of the news at Google Cloud Next’18! Google announced a low-key but significantly beneficial add-on feature for Salesforce users. The new add-on imports data and report from Salesforce into Google Sheets and then magically allows the CRM and BI to push updates back to Salesforce.


According to the blog, the new integration would help customers to avoid duplication of efforts and optimize workflows using Data Connectors for Salesforce from the G-Sheet.

Here’s the last best thing that every CMO should watch out for from Google Cloud Next — The Google Cloud Next 2019. The dates are out already- 9-11 April at the newly renovated Moscone in San Francisco.

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