MarTech Primer: What is HubSpot Marketing?

HubSpot is an Inbound Marketing and Sales software that assists organizations with pulling in visitors, convert leads and close clients. You can utilize HubSpot Marketing features to create landing pages, make websites and email sequences, and oversee collaborations with your leads and clients—all while examining the achievement of campaign and recording user behavior. HubSpot has a broad number of tools to track user’s behavior and actions in the purchaser’s journey. The tools are stacked into “hubs”— you can buy them independently, however when they’re consolidated, they work in-sync to give you a full suite of tools for Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service.

Furthermore, HubSpot Marketing permits organizations to bring all the tools they use to help their Marketing under one umbrella that has similar information. It incorporates everything a marketer needs to expand site traffic, convert site visitors into leads, and “close the loop” to deliver huge ROI.

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HubSpot Marketing Features


HubSpot Marketing software makes it simple to create and distribute blog content. Also, HubSpot makes it simpler to grow a group of people for your content by improving it with the recommended keywords.

Website Builder

HubSpot gives the capacity to design, build, have and change a site without the assistance of a designer or IT support. After your new site is launched, HubSpot gives a report card to every site page and offers suggestions to improve the performance of your site in web crawlers.

What HubSpot Can Do for You?

Below, we will be describing the functionality of HubSpot using an example, let’s talk about a potential customer (harry) of your business.

  • Harry finds a blog post you’ve posted a blog on the interesting topic from a Google search. (Marketing Hub)
  • He needs to know more and pursues your newsletter. (Advertising Hub)
  • HubSpot tracks the entirety of harry’s action on your site. (CRM)
  • You send him an email with more resources. (Showcasing Hub)
  • Your Sales group gets harry’s data as a potential lead. (CRM)
  • Your Sales group connects with harry using telephone and email. (Sales hub)
  • Harry schedules a demo to become familiar with your organization and products. (Deals Hub)
  • He makes a buy. (Sales Hub)
  • Harry has an inquiry concerning his purchase and how it functions. (Service Hub)
  • She looks on the online knowledge base and FAQs and then chats with your customer support team
  • Her companions are charmed and gone to your site to make their buys.

This is just a simple example of the inbound method. Here, all the harry’s actions are tracked within HubSpot, helping your Sales team know when and how to follow up.

HubSpot is an incredible Marketing tool. Notwithstanding, comprehend that it’s simply that—an instrument. Marketing software, all by itself, won’t mysteriously improve your marketing results. We can say that with all it has to offer, HubSpot is an amazing tool to make your marketing journey smooth for your customers—and help your company reap the benefits.

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