MarTech Primers: Top HubSpot Marketing Tools

With CRM as the foundation, the HubSpot software is a pool of various digital tools for Marketing, Sales, and Service that improves all facets of your business. With HubSpot, you’ll have all-in-one software to develop your business and conversion rates that lastly boost ROI.

With HubSpot, you can set up lead catch forms, send kickback emails, and schedule sales meetings and enable live chat for visitors. Additionally, you can follow messages, plan deals gatherings, and live talk with guests. You can likewise set up a help desk and ticketing framework on the free plan and afterward pipe everything into the free CRM to get a full view of your client. With such huge numbers of tools, chances are you’re availing benefits of only a percentage of what HubSpot brings to the table.

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Email Performance Tool

Talking about the email performance features, they’re not only for reporting. Below, there is a little bit of knowledge here that can assist you to set up your Email Marketing game. To get to this information, click on an email in your HubSpot record and afterward click the “Performance” tab.

Make it a routine to look at every time while sending a Marketing email, you can adjust their lifecycle stage manually if correct, and assign a task to the contact owner if it looks like they’re ready for Sales outreach as soon as possible.

Blog Optimization

If you use best practices for on-page SEO, web crawlers will be clear about what your content is about, a few pieces of information about how legitimate the content is, and the content’s relative importance on your site. Search engines utilize this data alongside off-page ranking factors to decide when and where your content appears on a web index results page. On-page SEO is one of the parts of the riddle that you shouldn’t fear because your blog optimization in HubSpot tells you what’s working for SEO and what is not.

Campaign Tools

As far as weekly or monthly are concerned, it’s great to have the option to give a report of each channel within HubSpot, yet the campaign tools is the way you make sense of how well your integrated Digital Marketing strategy performed — at the end of the day, you will be able to see exceptional results.


The excellence of the bot tool is that not only are you catching a lead; however, you can qualify the lead and get valuable data at the outset. Not every person will go into profound and important discussions with a bot, so having a live talk at the ready and keeping the bot simple are often smart thoughts.

You should dive into one of the above-mentioned features to reap the maximum benefits of HubSpot. It is a fact that when we all first started using HubSpot, we were scratching the surface of what is lying there. Nowadays, we’ve discovered so many features of this platform that increase Marketing and Sales performance to a great extent.

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