Accomplice raises $120K to help businesses quickly create unique imagery

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SaaS firm Accomplice joins TinySeed accelerator to fuel AI-powered tech that creates royalty-free images, graphics

Accomplice, a technology company that offers artificial intelligence tools to help businesses quickly create unique imagery, announced today it raised $120,000 from the TinySeed accelerator program.

The funding and TinySeed’s collaborative network will aid Accomplice in its mission to provide creators and businesses with creative imagery for their projects, marketing, and storytelling.

“AI-powered design is something I’ve dreamed of for over half a decade,” said Accomplice founder Adam Howell. “We’ve finally reached the point where it’s no longer a dream. The extra spark from Tinyseed has given Accomplice all the momentum in the world and given me the energy and time to focus on solving problems using this brand-new technology in a way that will make a difference for potentially millions of users.”

Companies are in constant need of compelling imagery for marketing and social media. Accomplice solves this problem with an efficient solution.”

— Rob Walling, General Partner at TinySeed

Accomplice created a suite of Artificial Intelligence-powered image creation and editing tools for marketing and design teams. The tools help professionals quickly create and edit royalty-free images and graphics for
their latest project

The platform uses artificial intelligence “models,” or programs, that have been trained to create certain images such as landscapes, photorealistic faces, cartoon-like avatars, and many others. It also features models based on famous artists, including Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko, and Salvador Dali.

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For example, imagine you’re a marketer and you need a beautiful ocean scene as the featured image of your latest blog post. Instead of creating the graphic in Photoshop or searching through stock photo sites for trite images, Accomplice enables you to simply type “beautiful ocean scene.” Within minutes, the AI-powered platform will create a one-of-a-kind, royalty-free image for your article.

“Companies are in constant need of compelling imagery for marketing and social media,” said Rob Walling, General Partner at TinySeed. “Accomplice solves this problem with an efficient solution that is only possible today because of advancements in machine learning.”

A former Google employee, Howell has been a designer and developer for more than 15 years. Howell has been waiting for years for AI to develop enough to employ the technology in design and for artistic creation.

“We’re entering the stage of humanity where almost everything we create will be aided by machines and AI in some way – just like we went from analog to digital 40 years ago,” he said “Our greatest strength will be
in learning how best to work alongside AI and in our ability to edit the signal from the noise while still finding a way to bring our tastes and point of view into everything we create.”

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