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Diffbot Announces Access Through Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets to Supercharge Data Collection Needs

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Enables users to query and return more than 1 trillion facts and 10 billion entities from across the web without the need to switch tools

Diffbot – an AI startup that’s indexed the entire web – today announced the availability of its Diffbot Knowledge Graph (DKG) query services within Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel to instantly power users’ existing databases with comprehensive and publicly available information about companies and organizations, all with human-level discernment and zero manual research or entry.

“Millions of people, including myself, rely on spreadsheets daily to gain valuable insights,” said Diffbot CEO Mike Tung. “And now, with the seamless integration of the DKG with both Sheets and Excel, everyday users have access to an extra layer of rich, clean and accurate information, all in one place.”

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By using a sophisticated combination of AI, machine learning, computer vision, and natural language processing, the integration of the DKG eliminates the need for web searching, manual data entry, data cleaning, as well as the need to switch in between productivity platforms. This provides an enterprise-ready database for business intelligence across companies, articles, people and skills, products, images, locations, discussions and more.

Select use cases for the integration of the DKG with Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel include:

  • Market Intelligence: Track industry or competitor trends through news, organization and skills data.
  • Sales and Marketing Intelligence: Identify, segment and research your Ideal Customer Profiles for ABM, outbound campaigns or lead enrichment.
  • Data Enrichment: Fill gaps in your data about organizations, including employees, revenue, subsidiaries and more from a set of >200 million organizations.

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“Knowledge graphs can unify Relational, Non-Relational, and unstructured data to capture real-world context match definitions, connect related entities using a flexible data model, and power a real-time view of your data,” said Gartner Research Director, Sumit Pal. “Connections are omnipresent and knowledge graph platforms like Diffbot provide capabilities to leverage inherent relationships across heterogenous enterprise data to build smart applications.”

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