Edgemesh Adds Image Optimization Upgrade to Accelerate E-Commerce Sites For the Holiday Shopping Season

New Edgemesh Server upgrade automatically optimizes images, helping retailers obtain 39% decrease in image download size for a streamlined shopping experience

Edgemesh, provider of an AI platform delivering the fastest online web experience, announced today an upgrade to its Edgemesh Server product line — a new image optimization feature. In order to support ecommerce customers before the holiday rush, Edgemesh now includes automatic optimization of every image on customer sites, helping to eliminate a laborious and expensive development task.

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Ecommerce companies often have thousands of images across their online stores and the management and optimization of each variant is a difficult and costly task. With the new Edgemesh upgrade, ecommerce customers can now effortlessly get the most efficient image format and optimal size for every device and browser. Edgemesh Server’s optimization engine includes support for PNG, JPEG, Google’s WEBP and the newly released AVIF format.

“At Kitsch, we have hundreds of products, each with dozens of high quality images and we always want the best image to be delivered to our customers. In the past, that meant using third-party tools to optimize every image for differing sizes and formats,” said Jeremy Thurswell, chief operating officer of Kitsch. “Now we can simply sit back and let Edgemesh handle that process —which frees our developers to focus on other areas to delight customers. It’s a huge time saver and cost reduction.”

To support the task of encoding millions of potential images, Edgemesh uses the combined compute power across its edge partner network, which is spread across nearly 300 regions. This edge compute infrastructure ensures that images are not only encoded quickly, but scales with customer demand. In the first 72 hours after the upgrade was made available, Edgemesh’s systems transparently optimized more than 27 million images. The performance impact was immediately apparent for customers and their shoppers, with images resulting in a 39% decrease in download size, a 13% decrease in First Paint times and a 16% improvement to the Largest Contentful Paint timing.

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Edgemesh Server’s Image Optimization Upgrade benefits include:

  • Developer-free automated image optimization for every page
  • Dynamic image formatting to ensure optimal compression across every browser
  • Support for next-generation image formats like AVIF and WEBP
  • Optimized images are ready in real-time, so they can be seamlessly integrated into a site

“As a former VFX artist, I know how important it is for a designer to achieve and maintain the highest possible image quality for their products. However, in the e-commerce world, this has always been hindered by image file size limitations, the impact on web performance and general technical overhead to encode in multiple formats,” said Edgemesh co-founder Eugene Rokhlin. “With this upgrade, we now automatically tune images to the lowest possible file size, while maintaining intended image fidelity on the fly. This is a game changer for designers and developers alike.”

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