Julius Deploys AI-Driven Earned Media Value Index to Monetize Influencers

Earned Media Value Index to Help Marketers Identify High-Performing Partners

Julius, the 100 percent vetted and curated influencer marketing solution, has expanded its dataset to include Ayzenberg’s Earned Media Value Index (EMVI). Beyond clicks and engagement metrics, brands and agencies can now leverage the Julius platform to search for, message with, and measure social influencers according to their real-world, monetary performance.

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Julius now offers EMVI at no additional cost to current and potential clients.

Julius Is Partnering with Earned Media Value Index to Measure All-Round Influencer Success

As a proprietary, artificial intelligence tool based on Ayzenberg’s Soulmates.AI platform, EMVI can identify the cash value of various engagements based on their specific timing, season, product market and consumer segment. That insight is much more accurate than competing products, which simply gather an earned-to-paid equivalent estimate by blindly multiplying total engagements against current auction pricing. Instead, Julius is partnering with EMVI to measure previous success, forecast potential and report on actual results.

Developed with Ayzenberg’s proprietary artificial intelligence platform, Soulmates.AI, the Earned Media Value Index (EMVI) evaluates and applies cash values to social media and influencer marketing campaigns.

Bryn Caruso
Bryn Caruso

At the time of this announcement, Bryn Caruso, VP, Julius, said, “For data-driven advertisers, influencer marketing is one of the most effective advertising forums available. By implementing Ayzenberg’s EMV Index, clients can measure cash-based performance across nine social media platforms, so they can make informed decisions on everything from multichannel deployments to customizing an individual post.”

Influencer marketing has continued to explode in recent years, becoming the new staple of modern marketing programs. However, the quickly evolving nature of these campaigns has made gauging success in an objective, ROI-specific terms difficult.

Previous Behavior Impacts Ad Campaign Performance

Chris Strawser, vice president of strategy and partnerships for Ayzenberg Group, commented, “Previous behavior is always the strongest indicator of future performance. These influencers are sharing custom content with their audiences to help increase product awareness, drive sales and widen brand visibility through non-paid advertising channels. Without understanding earned media value history, brands are investing blindly.”

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Currently, Julius is branded as a 100 percent vetted influencer marketing platform providing influencer search, deep discovery and outreach for leading brands and agencies, allowing them to deliver efficiency at scale. As the premier influencer marketing platform, Julius provides marketers with rich influencer data, advanced search capabilities, and end-to-end campaign management tools required to organize a successful influencer marketing strategy.

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