Verimatrix Demonstrates How the Cloud is Fundamentally Changing the Video Delivery Business at NAB Show 2018

From Cloud Security to Real-Time Video Intelligence to a New Connected Content Marketplace, Operators Embracing the Cloud Are Best Prepared for this New World of Video

Verimatrix, a specialist in securing and enhancing revenue for network-connected devices and services, is bringing the benefits of cloud-based technology to the forefront of its solution strategy at the NAB Show 2018. Video service operators are aware of the CAPEX advantages that cloud-based solutions can offer, but may not be thinking of virtualization as a core strategy to help grow their business. As cloud technologies, workflows and experience mature across the video industry, the economic gains and enhanced functionality become difficult to ignore. During the show, Verimatrix will be illustrating how its revenue security and enhancement solutions are more powerful when delivered and managed via the cloud, ultimately enabling video service providers to be more competitive and profitable.

Tom Munro
Tom Munro

“Several trends are happening simultaneously that are pushing this transformation of the video business,” said Tom Munro, CEO of Verimatrix, adding, “Video creation and contribution workflows are reaching critical mass in the cloud. The scalability of ABR video is proven and trusted. And now we are seeing more emphasis on operating expenditures rather than capital investments as the economics of video consumption continue to change. We are working with our customers to fulfill their needs for cloud-based video delivery and distribution while offering a comprehensive vision and roadmap to make sure they stay ahead of the evolving landscape. At NAB, we will show how all of our demonstrated solutions interoperate as a connected cloud security platform with clear benefits for operators and content owners.”

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At the show, Verimatrix will be announcing significant enhancements to its Verspective Analytics solution suite, focused on providing business intelligence insights with the newly updated Verspective Intelligence software as a service (SaaS) solution. Verspective Intelligence enables video service providers to segment and monitor their subscriber base in a more granular way to more effectively address potential problems and uncover upsell opportunities in order to reduce churn and increase APRU.

The company will be showcasing its federated rights management workflow solution for distributing OTT content between content owners and video service providers. It is a secure, hierarchical distribution method with a single point of integration for operators and content owners. It streamlines security workflows with persistent encryption, policy definition and enforcement, and automated consumption reporting and analytics. Content providers are able to streamline distribution of valuable content with little incremental effort as opposed to the friction and inefficiencies that exist in today’s workflows.

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In partnership with AWS Elemental, MultiRights OTT Plus will be on display to demonstrate the cloud-based workflow of the integrated multi-DRM, watermarking and analytics solution. Leveraging the Verimatrix Secure Cloud SaaS model, service providers can deploy multi-screen premium video services with confidence, with the assurance that their OTT monetization platform will adapt to changes in security regimes while continuously enhancing the user experience. This demonstration will be part of the AWS Elemental “treasure hunt” during NAB.

Verimatrix will also be featuring a demonstration of its award-winning StreamMark server-side watermarking solution for premium over-the-top (OTT) video services. Hosted in the AWS cloud, the solution is inherently DRM-agnostic and is ideally suited for adaptive bitrate streaming (ABR) protocols such as HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) and standard MPEG-DASH.

Verimatrix will be on hand to discuss its current internet of things (IoT) trial deployment of Vtegrity with the Zigbee Alliance Compliance Blockchain, which is an open platform for multiple compliance and regulatory organizations to provide machine-readable records that can be used to set access policies during device onboarding by ecosystem operators.

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