Khoros and SearchUnify Partner to Strengthen Online Community Experiences with Federated Search and New AI-powered Capabilities

The partnership makes it easier for community members to find information across multiple content repositories for a more effective, self-service, online community platform

Khoros, a global leader in digital-first customer engagement software, announced a partnership with SearchUnify, a leading unified cognitive platform, to offer federated search within Khoros-powered communities for a more effective self-service platform.

“Customers often seek ways to solve problems on their own before engaging with brands directly. Online brand communities are a highly effective channel for delivering the self-service support customers want. But sometimes the best answer is found outside the community, which requires customers to search elsewhere,” said Chris Tranquill, CEO at Khoros. “By partnering with SearchUnify, we’re excited to provide a powerful, unified discovery experience that expands that search to include results from outside sources so customers can get all the information they need—without leaving your brand community.”

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The partnership combines the power of Khoros’s enterprise-grade communities software and SearchUnify’s AI-driven enterprise search solution to increase community engagement, improve customer satisfaction, and further reduce support costs. By integrating with SearchUnify, Khoros-powered communities become a powerful, one-stop shop for content discovery by integrating information from multiple repositories (federated search), whether the information is in a brand’s online community or from an outside source such as Slack, WordPress, or SharePoint. Delivering this unified discovery experience makes it easier for community members to find the most relevant information quickly and more easily from a single search console.

Khoros’s partnership with SearchUnify also includes the following online community features through advanced artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities:

  • Smarter user interfaces (UIs) understand search intent and history to help guide users to relevant results by delivering rich snippets and pre-selected facets.
  • Create more personalized community experiences with AI-fueled algorithms that deliver tailored results and recommendations based on the user’s role, access permissions, behaviors, and interests.
  • Drive engagement and improve searchability with AI-powered algorithms that continuously learn from user behavior to display the most relevant results first.
  • Measure self-service success and prove online community ROI with deep analytics and metrics that matter, like case deflection and engagement, CSAT, and more.

“Having built over 100 online communities, knowledge bases, partner portals, and more, we noticed a trend that enterprises with multiple, disparate content sources were struggling to put relevant content in the hands of the end-user. We’re proud to build upon our work with Khoros to elevate the online community experience with the most holistic search capabilities to better support brands and their customers,” said Alok Ramsisaria, CEO at Grazitti Interactive, SearchUnify’s parent company.

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