Roopler and Chime Have Joined Forces to Deliver the Most Powerful AI-Driven Lead Generation and Nurturing Solution Yet.

Together Roopler and Chime offer a fully integrated lead-generation system with a premier CRM, IDX, and marketing platform.

Roopler is teaming up with Chime, America’s #1 ranked sales acceleration platform, to help agents and brokers close more deals.

About Roopler

The brainchild of a team of powerbrokers in the real estate and technology industries, Roopler and its proprietary AI assistant Ashley launched in 2022 to help real estate professionals overcome today’s two biggest industry challenges: finding and cultivating buyer and seller leads at an affordable cost and reviving old leads to recover value.

“Roopler’s unique way of delivering high-quality exclusive leads at a lower cost makes them more attractive to the realtor community.” ”

— Stuart Sim, VP of Industry Development at Chime

Real estate professionals nationwide are already raving about the Roopler’s impact. Roopler subscribers report turning up to 25% of leads into appointments. With Ashely, Roopler’s lifelike AI assistant, agents don’t even have to set these appointments—Ashley does this on their behalf while they’re busy showing properties and closing deals.

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About Chime

Founded a decade ago by Matthew Murphy, Chime has since established itself as America’s #1 ranked sales acceleration platform for agents, brokers, and teams. An all-in-one CRM and sales acceleration platform, Chime combines IDX websites, lead generation, marketing automation, advanced lead management, and AI solutions to help agents find and convert leads.

The Roopler-Chime Partnership

Kevin Markarian, Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Roopler, explained why Roopler decided to pursue a formal relationship with Chime: “As an agent and broker myself, I wanted to build a lead-generation solution that would actually help agents. Once we launched Roopler, I realized we could offer agents an even more powerful platform by creating a seamless integration with a CRM, IDX, and marketing solution. Given Chime’s phenomenal capacities, it was an obvious choice for this partnership.”

Stuart Sim, VP of Industry Development at Chime, is also excited about the Roopler-Chime partnership: “The partnership with Roopler gets us one step closer to our ultimate goal of helping every real estate agent across the nation drive lead conversion and long-term relationships to effectively help grow their businesses. Roopler’s unique way of delivering high-quality exclusive leads at a lower cost makes them more attractive to the realtor community.”

Combining Roopler and Chime, agents, brokers, and teams gain access to:

-Complete Prospect Profiles: Detailed insights on prospective customers’ needs, expectations, and timelines.

-Higher Conversion Rates: Clients consistently report that Roopler outpaces conversion rates on competitor platforms.
Lead Nurturing: Powered by AI (artificial intelligence), including the latest NLP (natural language processing) technologies, Roopler initiates and sustains customer relationships.

-IDX website: Heightened visibility in online searches to better promote your listings and attract more leads.

-Cost-Effectiveness: Agents and brokers pay less for more leads and support and never pay for unverified leads.

What Agents and Brokers Are Saying

Austin Hellickson, Hellickson Team Leader, based at Skyline Properties in Seattle, is already using Roopler and Chime: “We love Chime and Roopler. Both have been game changers for our business. Chime is a fantastic CRM that is easy to understand and manage clients. Leads from Roopler flow seamlessly into Chime for easy follow-up and conversion.”

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