KiwiTech Launches Web 3.0 Center of Excellence to Empower Next-Gen Blockchain Innovations

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KiwiTech has launched its Web 3.0 Center of Excellence to focus on accelerating innovations in Web 3.0 and expanding the adoption of Blockchain technology among startups.

KiwiTech, a global innovation ecosystem, announced the launch of its Web 3.0 Center of Excellence. To branch out its elaborate suite of technology capabilities to Web 3.0, the new service line aims to empower next-generation blockchain innovations, especially in the startup ecosystem, leveraging the firm’s decade-long expertise in emerging technologies.

“We’re thrilled to launch our Web 3.0 practice to help startups scale their business and develop innovative solutions in this space. Acknowledging the rise of the emerging concept of Web 3.0, that is representing the next phase of the internet revolution, we have launched our CoE to empower blockchain innovations for startups and businesses. We strongly believe that this new initiative in the field of emerging technologies will help us empower current portfolio startups and the future ones to tap into the Web 3.0 potential.” said Rakesh Gupta, CEO, KiwiTech.

Mohsin Syed, President & Chief Startup Officer, KiwiTech, said, “KiwiTech has always been at the forefront of the latest technologies and their adoption. We are excited to announce our Web 3.0 Center of Excellence as it will help fuel blockchain innovations globally. Our team of industry experts and technology leaders will help startups take their business to the next level with the latest technology tools and methodologies.”

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“After reviewing and understanding the changing technology requirements of hundreds of our portfolio startups, I’m personally excited as a technologist about the impact of this Center of Excellence and the help it will offer for businesses to scale and gain competitive advantage. KiwiTech’s technology teams have always taken great pride in the early adoption of emerging technologies, including blockchain and Web 3.0, and have already successfully deployed many projects across industry verticals. We further look forward to expanding our capabilities, making us the market leader as an emerging tech services provider,” added Gurvinder Batra, CTO, KiwiTech.

“Our Web 3.0 CoE has the technology, processes, and people that businesses require to leverage blockchain to transition from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0,” said Sahil Luthra, Director of Engineering & Blockchain Practice, KiwiTech. “Our blockchain offerings include consulting, proof of concept, decentralized applications, token development, smart contract, and private and federated blockchain solutions

He added, “The world is still in its early phase in embracing Web 3.0 but the market has got a lot of potential with many businesses and customers demanding products and services related to this emerging technology. Therefore, the timing is perfect and the only right thing to do is to extend our services to Blockchain and Web 3.0, to boost innovations in this field. The future is bright, with many tech giants contributing to this thriving ecosystem and we are excited to be part of it.”

“WeGro is proud to be part of KiwiTech’s Web 3.0 Center of Excellence,” noted Richard Gilchrist, CEO, WeGro. “KiwiTech is an outstanding partner that has been instrumental in helping us scale. As WeGro is working to solve some of the most pressing CAM (Complementary & Alternative Medicine) industry challenges – from compliant payments to track-and-trace to sensitive patient data – having a partner like KiwiTech is paramount as we navigate this rapidly expanding industry.”

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Concurring on the value the KiwiTech CoE will offer tech startups as they seek to navigate the unfamiliar Web 3.0 environment, said Jenny Q. Ta, CEO, by HODL: “The Web 3.0 space can be an uncertain place for inexperienced tech entrepreneurs seeking to propel their startups into the world of next-gen technologies. Even more experienced businesses venturing into Blockchain and Web 3.0 for the first time will benefit from the practical help, expert guidance, and technical services KiwiTech’s Web 3.0 Center of Excellence will provide. We here at HODL-GalaxE heartily applaud the company’s expansion into this much-needed area of service to their clients in response to the rapidly evolving technological landscape.”

“Creating a web3 center of excellence is a brilliant move by KiwiTech which has been a stellar partner throughout the development of the soon-to-launch o͞od blockchain-enabled marketplace for authenticated, digitally enhanced physical collectibles. Together, we’ve created a mass market-friendly application of blockchain to deliver a web3 model that is accessible by today’s consumer but will change the world of physical collecting forever. The o͞od marketplace is designed to adapt and change as the web3 space evolves. It is great to see that KiwiTech is committing to deliver the expertise and capabilities needed to keep us on track going forward,” said Mike Bebel, CEO & Co-founder, OOD Holdings.

The new Center of Excellence at KiwiTech is also set to create hundreds of employment opportunities for aspiring talented engineers disrupting the Web 3.0 space.


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