Arti is Offering a Free Coronavirus AR Graphics Package to Help Broadcasters Deliver Impressive Augmented Reality Content from Home

To help news media continue to deliver high-quality video programming as they broadcast from home or outside a traditional studio, Arti is offering a free package of COVID-19 augmented reality graphics that can be easily integrated into video content using the Arti platform. Arti is the first cloud-based, no-hardware augmented reality platform for broadcasters and video producers. It enables both professional and amateur content developers to deliver high-quality AR video anywhere.

“We want to help broadcasters continue to inform audiences with engaging AR video content, and we’re in a unique position to make that possible outside a traditional studio,” said Yaron Zakai-Or, Arti Co-founder & CEO. “Since accurate information is vital as we continue to fight this terrible virus, we want to make it as easy as possible for content producers who are working under extraordinary circumstances to deliver engaging, factual Coronavirus information that will encourage viewers to take the necessary actions to flatten the curve and keep all of us safer.”

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Arti is like an AR studio that fits in your pocket. Unlike traditional AR solutions that require on-premise hardware and were designed to be used by dedicated AR design teams in a studio, Arti is a software-only, cloud-based AR platform that can be used anywhere. With Arti, all you need is a camera, a laptop, and an internet connection to create engaging AR videos that can include embedded 2D and 3D objects, Twitter feeds, web browsers, and more.

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The Arti Coronavirus AR graphics package includes a customizable timeline of infections by country—with dynamic data, 3D models of the virus, ventilators, masks, and other medical equipment, as well as a selection of AR over the shoulder graphics that can be embedded into a video in just a few clicks.

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