With Tetra, No Need to Record And Transcribe Calls

With New Inbound Call Features, Tetra Is the First Integrated Call Recording and Transcription Service

Tetra is an AI-powered notetaker for phone calls. While the tool has previously only worked for outgoing calls, Tetra is announcing they are launching their service for inbound calling as well.

Tetra is the easiest way to record and transcribe phone calls on iOS. Unlike competitors, Tetra integrates recording into their VoIP dialer app, so users don’t need to hassle with complicated procedures to merge a third line. Instead, users receive a Tetra number similar to Google Voice, and all calls dialed out or received at their business line will be recorded automatically. Furthermore, users don’t have to rely on other tools for transcription or note taking.

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How does Tetra work?

Tetra captures and summarizes spoken conversations using deep learning and NLP. Tetra built the calling tool from the ground up, allowing them to record audio optimized for speech recognition and achieve higher accuracy than Siri and visual voicemail services.

Tetra then summarizes the transcription and organizes the notes into a productivity tool similar to Evernote. Tetra users can search across conversations, and click on words in the transcript to re-listen to the audio. Users can guide the AI in generating summaries by tagging important moments during the call, which augment the automatically extracted “Magic Highlights” and conversation topics.

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Tetra differs from other tools in two regards. First, there is no complicated set-up procedure to make sure calls are actually being recorded. Unlike Tape-a-call, users don’t have to merge calls and create a 3-way conference while on a live call. Instead, Tetra subscribers receive a dedicated phone number that they can dial from in the app, and any call involving a user’s Tetra number will be automatically recorded.

Second, Tetra users no longer have to manage multiple services in their workflows. Previously, people who wanted audio and transcripts of their conversations had to first use a call recording tool and then extract the recordings and send them to professional transcribers. With Tetra, the recording and transcription happen through the same app. Furthermore, Tetra transcripts are available 5-10 minutes after a call instead of the standard 24-hour turn-around and include AI-generated summaries.

Now with full functionality for incoming calls as well, Tetra is the only integrated call recording and transcription service.

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