Stay Alert and Remain in Touch with Family and Friends When You Dial 911 with 911 Alert

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When an emergency occurs, knowing that your loved ones are safe can be a huge relief. A new app has been launched that alerts ten emergency contacts of any individual who dials 911 to report an emergency. Most people dial emergency services before calling their loved ones. The 911 Alert app bridges that gap by alerting their family and friends of their distress.

Created by the CEO of Fight…Win…Survive, Steven VanDyke, the app allows users to present up to ten contacts they want to notify if they ever have to dial 911. If users find themselves in such a situation and dial 911, the app sends a text alert to the designated contacts the second the call is made.

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In fact, not only does 911 Alert notify the caller’s contacts that they dialed emergency services, the text message they receive also contains the caller’s location at the exact time that the call was made. This can prove invaluable in emergencies when the caller is under threat from another party.

Since the text message sent to the chosen contacts also contains the location of the phone the call is made from, they can find out where the caller is/was during the time of the emergency and if they are on the move.

While the contacts cannot call the user back because they are already on call with 911, they can use the chat feature to remain in touch with the caller as soon as the call is made. This allows them to remain in the loop via a single source of communication that has one goal – to keep the caller on their radar in real time. A chat transcript is also emailed to the caller and the emergency contacts after 72 hours as well.

911 Alert’s live track feature can also track a caller for 24 hours when they are on the move. This can happen if they are being taken to or are headed to a hospital post-emergency. Since the contacts can pinpoint the exact hospital their loved one has been taken to, they can head straight there and be there for them in their time of need.

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When asked about the concept that is working behind the app, Steven VanDyke shared, “The app is ideal for seniors who live alone, teenagers who want to be more independent and individuals who have medical conditions. Plus, with the fear of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and its probability of spreading and a possible influx of calls to 911, 911 Alert offers an added layer of comfort for individuals and families if someone is stricken with the virus and needs to call 911.” 

911 Alert provides instant peace of mind in a way that emergency services cannot. For just $4.99 a year, you can notify family and friends instantly when an emergency occurs and/or know the exact location of a loved one under threat.

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