Admitad: The Very Real Dangers of Brand Bidding and How Brands Can Fight It

The problem of brand bidding or trademark bidding has been affecting the market for a long time – a couple of years ago an Adthena study showed that up to one third of all queries experienced brand bidding, driven in part, by 50% of advertisers who engage in competitive bidding on pure brand terms. Now brands have learned to fight it more effectively, but according to The Search Monitor 12% of your clicks are lost to competitors who advertise on your branded search keywords.

Brand Auditor, an ad fraud monitoring tool by Admitad, shared insights on the most harmful types of brand bidding, based on their work with more than 2,500 brands.

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The demand for brand bidding monitoring services is ever-increasing. For this reason, ‌Admitad has launched a new version of Brand Auditor – now as a stand-alone product. After a major tech update, this new, cutting-edge version of Brand Auditor is available to any company worldwide.

Its key aim is to guard the transparency and quality of traffic that advertisers receive from their partners and traffic specialists – safeguarding advertising budgets and protecting their brands.

It spots both violations by partners and the aggressive activities of your competitors as they try to divert and feed off your most loyal and valuable audiences. In addition, its functionality allows users to intercept and block brand bidding attempts on coupon sites.

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Brand Auditor detects brand bidding attempts in several categories:

  1. Direct brand bidding 
    Secures your brand image with a list of pre-approved and forbidden keywords installed directly into your partner programme, ensuring you only work with the best, trusted publishers.
  2. Landing page brand bidding 
    Sets guidelines that spot, detect and block ad fraudsters attempting to lure valuable traffic away from your resources by using coupon aggregators or promo codes.

  3. Unauthorised brand usage 
    Restricts unapproved partners from using your brand keywords and intellectual property, quickly intercepting any attempts to use them illegally in an ad campaign.

  4. Unauthorised brand usage through CPA 
    Collects detailed reports on publishers that use your keywords across various partner networks, while attracting new customers from the affiliate programmes of your competitors.

Intelligent brand bidding monitoring by Brand Auditor has enabled advertisers to filter out hundreds of thousands of orders, protecting their marketing budgets by stopping them from paying undeserved rewards to their affiliate partners.

Also, by constantly monitoring competitors for any illegal or malicious activity, many brands working with Brand Auditor have been able to successfully launch their own branded contextual counter-campaigns, protecting their legitimate organic traffic from any encroachments.

While other monitoring services are restricted by location, Brand Auditor is available universally – in every country, all around the world.

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