PX Launches First Objective Quality Score for Lead Buyers to Assess and Optimize Sources

Leading Marketplace for Customer Acquisition Delivers New Machine-Learning-Based Tool for Buyers and Sellers

PX, the leading marketing technology platform to automate and manage customer acquisition, announced the launch of Source Quality Scoring, an advanced engine that provides the first objective quality score on sources for lead buyers to assess and optimize where to find new customers. The feature is now available to all marketers buying leads through PX.

Source Quality Scoring is an expansion of PX’s lead scoring algorithms that were granted a patent in 2017, as a system to enhance a marketplace by creating independent quality scores. By adding additional dimensions that are specific and customized to each buyer and seller, PX can now deliver an objective quality measurement that continuously adapts itself to conditions and provides each buyer with quality scores on the sources they’re using — and the sources that are available to them.

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“This is among our biggest steps forward as we continue to change the industry and the way marketers find new customers,” said Bas Offers, Co-founder and COO of PX. “It makes it that much clearer for buyers to see where they have opportunity. And it gives publishers insights into how their leads are performing in the market, helping them to get the most value possible for them.”

Each individual source is rated on a 6-point scale, from Excellent to Poor. The score itself is made more objective and trustworthy, because it reflects a view of the entire customer acquisition process, which is dynamic, and adjusts in real-time the myriad factors that can affect a score.

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As with the rest of PX, it enhances available marketplace data with a buyer’s sales disposition data across the ecosystem of supply and demand, using that to determine if, in fact, a source is delivering leads that ultimately become customers. The machine learning technology then dices and slices that entire process, weighting different factors at different times, to ultimately generate quality scores for more than 500 publisher sources and 25,000 sub-sources within PX.

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