Upwave Announces Launch of Customer Lift

Crackle Plus and Others Can Now Assess Impact from Awareness to Customer Acquisition for CTV and other Brand Campaigns

Upwave, the leading analytics platform for brand marketers, today announced the launch of “Customer Lift”. The new offering means that marketers can now measure campaign impact across the entire spectrum of the campaign, from awareness building to customer acquisition. The offering is specifically designed for CTV and brand campaigns on other channels. For the first time, marketers can assess the full revenue impact of these campaigns, whose customer outcomes can occur both during and even up to twelve months post-campaign.

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Traditionally, brands and their media partners had to navigate a trade-off between bottoms-up and top-down measurement methodologies.This trade-off is particularly challenging in cases like linear TV and CTV, where investments are intended to drive outcomes both during and post-campaign. While measurement methodologies like Sales Lift and Multi Touch Attribution (MTA) are fast, and are helpful in determining short-term revenue impact, ultimately they can undervalue the longer term revenue impact of TV and other brand campaigns. At the same time, while Media Mix Modeling (MMM) can fully attribute revenue to brand campaigns, it is often too slow and broad for granular optimization and planning decisions. With Customer Lift, marketers can now bridge this gap by attributing both mid and post campaign customer acquisition to brand campaigns and does so at a granular level in real-time.

The need for a measurement methodology that can assess longer term impact while also allowing for optimization in real-time is particularly helpful for Connected TV (CTV) advertisers. As CTV viewership continues to grow unabated, advertisers are eager to follow but are still struggling to assess the impact of their investment. Because CTV provides the branding benefits of traditional TV and the more discrete targeting benefits of digital, marketers often use the medium for a combination of top of funnel branding and lower funnel customer acquisition tactics. Now, with the addition of Upwave’s Customer Lift, marketers can finally get an accurate gauge of the effectiveness of their advertising across both of these objectives.

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Crackle Plus is one the first partners to deploy Upwave’s Customer Lift metric. In conjunction with their deployment of the brand lift metric, they can now measure outcome for their CTV campaigns both in the short and longer term and across the full marketing funnel.

“Crackle Plus excels at reaching households in the living room, but the Connected TV space has lacked customer acquisition and retention metrics that qualify the high attention CTV brings to brands. Balancing the compromise between our bottoms-up and top-down measurement of our brand campaigns has been a long-time goal of ours,” said George Castrissiades, Executive Director, Ad Products and Partnerships for Crackle Plus. “The ability to finally be able to take both into account in one cohesive customer outcome metric is an important first for us. Being able to assess full-funnel lift from awareness to customer acquisition will be a great asset to us for our branding campaigns.”

“One of the biggest asks from brand marketers, particularly for CTV, is for comprehensive metrics and data that fully value the entirety of their campaigns,” said Upwave CEO Chris Kelly. “‘With Customer Lift’s’ holistic measurement of customer outcome, it means that for the first time marketers are now able to fully appreciate the value of their branding investment. We’re taking the best of both bottom-up and top-down measurement methods to accurately assess full impact so brand marketers can adjust and optimize their budgets accordingly. This is a game-changer for them.”

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