How to Lead Your Prospect to Scheduled Meetings in Days: Learn This With a New Demand Gen Tactic

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Company Sets Itself Apart by Adding Pureconversion and Purefunnel to Its Innovative Suite of Solutions to Help Customers Achieve Revenue Goals and Increase Sales and Marketing ROI

PureB2B, a pioneer in the B2B marketing industry, has announced its evolution from a lead generation company to a full-funnel demand generation solution provider. Leveraging innovative strategies and tactics developed through years of research and testing, PureB2B now works across its exclusive network of more than 125 million in-market technology buyers to provide demand generation solutions at every step of the marketing and sales process, including the ability to turn leads into scheduled meetings within days.

“Prospective B2B technology buyers have never been as inundated and overwhelmed as they are in today’s sales and marketing eco-system, making it challenging and expensive for companies trying to convert them into customers,” explained Melissa Chang, president and CEO of PureB2B. “As a passionate pioneer and disruptor in the B2B marketing space, we have met this challenge head-on by advancing to become a full-funnel demand generation provider with a purpose-built suite of solutions that help our partners achieve their revenue goals, and increase sales and marketing ROI at the same time.”

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PureB2B’s Evolution Powered by Two Innovative Additions to its Solution Suite:

The PureConversion lead follow-up system leverages PureB2B’s optimized 10-step lead development sequence to drive high-quality meetings for sales organizations.

  • Designed to take leads from prospects to scheduled meetings in 15-20 business days.
  • Delivering on average 8x ROI for clients, by taking old leads and converting them into new pipeline.

PureFunnel is designed to accelerate the sales and marketing pipeline. This solution combines the power and flexibility of two PureB2B demand generation products (PureSyndication and PureConversion) that gets content into the hands of decision-makers and utilizes best practices to convert them into meetings for sales teams.

  • Eliminates the time-consuming and expensive process of finding, engaging, and qualifying leads so that sales and marketing can work more efficiently.
  • PureFunnel is sold on a CPL basis, combining lead generation with lead development to drive increased conversion rates.

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Marketers interested in learning more about how PureB2B can drive success.

PureB2B provides B2B technology companies with intent-driven, full-funnel demand generation solutions to help them achieve revenue goals and increase sales and marketing ROI. Leveraging innovative tactics crafted through years of research and testing, PureB2B works across its exclusive network of more than 125 million in-market technology buyers to provide demand generation solutions at every step of the marketing and sale process.

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