Nish Tech, Inc. Announces Launch of Accelerator for Episerver B2B Commerce

Nish Tech, Inc., a leading enterprise technology digital agency, announces the finalization of the Episerver B2B Commerce Accelerator by Nish Tech, to be available for purchase in October 2020. The Accelerator allows brands to create an enhanced B2B eCommerce solution on Episerver B2B Commerce Cloud using a “quick to launch” front-end experience driven by Episerver Content Cloud while lowering implementation cost.

Nish Tech, an Episerver Gold Solution Partner, has been providing development solutions for Episerver B2B Commerce Cloud for over 9 years. Nish Tech created the foundation for the B2B Commerce Accelerator in 2016, leveraging their experience in eCommerce and enterprise web solution development. This framework was then customized to meet the specific needs of Episerver customers.

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Suresh Devanan, CEO of Nish Tech, said, “B2B customers have the same expectations as B2C customers – that is, they expect the same features and information access regardless of whether they’re buying a $10 item or a $10,000 item. The most effective eCommerce experience requires enhanced, personalized content and the best way to do that is to integrate the selling and marketing experience. The Episerver B2B Commerce Accelerator will greatly reduce costs because brands won’t need to spend time developing their eCommerce solution from the ground up. We give them a head start and get them to market faster.”

How does B2B Commerce Accelerator work?

Episerver B2B Commerce Accelerator by Nish Tech allows brands to deliver personalized B2B shopping experiences by leveraging B2B Commerce Cloud as a headless B2B eCommerce engine. Nish Tech’s proprietary N-Level Theming Engine allows for reuse of themes and pages from any level of the platform. The Accelerator also includes prebuilt eCommerce widgets and a modular architecture that enables business users to easily add, remove and personalize components and content in Content Cloud that leverage the product and transactional data in B2B Commerce Cloud.

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How will B2B Commerce Accelerator reduce costs?

Companies that invest in the B2B Commerce Accelerator will have lower development costs because the development work that is required to implement Episerver Content Cloud and B2B Commerce Cloud has already been completed. The B2B Commerce Accelerator also enables companies to reduce time to market and see a faster return on their eCommerce investment.

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