The investment community can now access daily ESG performance data for 15,000 companies on SIX iD.

“This collaboration is to address an urgent need in the market to provide timely, quality data for ESG investors,” said Tanya Seajay, CEO of Orenda, a SIX Company. “This fresh view into societies’ real-time interaction with companies allows an automation of ESG activism that exposes ESG risk at the source.”

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SIX iD is a data visualization tool which provides access to reference and market data from SIX, enabling faster and more efficient decisions for those working in asset management, private banking, investment management, insurance, and more. The platform brings data intelligence straight to user’s screens, allowing for searches, analysis, and comparative analytics with complete control over the workspace.

“Thanks to this new advanced dashboard in our SIX iD display service, we can help our clients to easily integrate ESG performance indicators into their investment decision-making process,” says Shai Popat, Managing Director of Product and Commercial Strategy at SIX.

The platform has been updated to provide users with comprehensive analytics on Orenda’s ESG and Social Positioning datasets, allowing users to effectively screen for stocks with a strong or weak ESG standing, resulting in a more complete evaluation of risk management.

Not only does this new dashboard update provide entirely unique and effective tools for evaluating ESG metrics, it also updates daily, ensuring that users are always working with the latest and most relevant data for making crucial decisions.

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