Co-Founder of GR0 Jon Zacharias Releases Guide on How to Calculate ROI on Organic Search

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Founder of digital marketing agency GR0 and SEO guru Jon Zacharias is releasing some of his key tips on measuring the Return on Investment (ROI) for organic search and other SEO efforts. This information is meant to help burgeoning entrepreneurs who are starting up their own marketing agencies and looking to become SEO experts and help their clients improve their own Google rankings. Zacharias already does this for his dozens of brands, working with a team of over 30 people to help any company elevate its Google ratings.

Crucially, it’s imperative to identity how often your client is being accessed through local search, by including various keywords like city, neighborhood, and business alongside their brand in your rankings. Measuring these keywords leads to an invaluable metric in that local users are researching with much higher purchase intent, and are more likely to be repeat searchers. There are many tools to reveal how well your brand is performing relative to a certain keyword, and from there you can determine which ones are specifically generating the most value and conversation for your client. Keep in mind that you should be investigating both branded and unbranded keywords, as they both play an important role in determining rankings.

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Jon Zacharias, Co-Founder of GR0

Next, Jon Zacharias recommends looking towards your audience’s engagement via social media. While spending for banner placement is nice, the value gained from social media shares and follows is much greater than that of a simple impression or a mere click. By producing quality content or highlighting user-generated content, you can follow clear social metrics to understand how many people are engaging with content, and understand your ROI from there. In tandem with this, you can use these metrics to monitor the success of referrals or promotions you run alongside an influencer or media outlet. These promos are important for organic growth and word of mouth, as more clicks and shares leads to greater word of mouth, and then even greater clicks. The gains are even greater for promotions that include backlinks on your partner’s site, as they directly contribute to developing your keywords and propelling your rankings.

Getting higher rankings on Google can often lead to agencies being forced to engage in lofty spending, but by seeking out placement in some of Google’s snippet results you can attain the highest positions with a much smaller investment. Earning a spot in “position zero” could be as simple as creating content that contains an answer to a common question, and uses original data to avoid being conflated with competing pages. Zacharias has found great success employing this tactic with his clients for GR0, and has been enabled to create a wide array of content including guides, FAQs, testimonials, and even case studies. This ties in well to our point about local SEO from earlier, as getting higher priority ratings for a local business is even more valuable here, as your brand can be surfaced before other restaurants or prominently on mapping applications like Google MapsFinally, one of the key aspects to monitor for determining your SEO’s effectiveness is seeing how quick customers are being acquired and how they move through your site. Purchasing can be one of the quickest behaviors for a consumer online, so it’s important now more than ever to see what it is that might be triggering a purchase and how high it’s surfaced, whether that’s a specific page on your site, an image, or a referral link. This information will not only help gauge your returns, but in turn it will direct your future investments as well, allowing for a steady increase in consumer acquisition and ROI as well.

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Simply put, in digital marketing there is nothing more important than your ROI. Your successes and learnings should be influencing everything that you invest in, whether that be deciding which influencers you’d like to work with, who provides the highest quality backlinks, or what keywords can grant your clients placement within Google’s snippet results. With these tips you can monitor your own returns to provide better-informed services to your own clients, and increase your own ratings.

Jon Zacharias has years of experience working in advertising and marketing in the digital world, and his latest venture GR0 is demonstrable proof of that. He currently helps dozens of brands to increase their placements in organic search with measurable results to help them earn more clicks, more eyes, and more customers. With over 30 employees, GR0 works to help brands improve their SEO rankings on Google and create quality online engagement between them and their customers.

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