Corporate Gifting Platform Loop & Tie Joins Pledge 1% Movement to Power Sustainable Environmental, Economic and Social Impact

Creating more options to help businesses give with purpose, the company also launches its $15 Giving Tuesday collection that supports 18 nonprofit organizations

Sustainability corporate gifting platform Loop & Tie has joined Pledge 1%, a global movement that inspires, educates, and empowers companies of all sizes to make a positive social impact through their work. Loop & Tie’s commitment to Pledge 1% of its equity will help power innovation and impact for its nonprofit shareholders and the company’s current regenerative initiatives across environmental, economic and social sustainability.

“Finding a more sustainable way to give back is at the heart of everything we do at Loop & Tie,” said Sara Rodell, CEO and Founder of Loop & Tie. “For us, giving goes beyond the gift, and as we embark on this journey with Pledge 1%, we aim to continue building better practices to benefit our planet, community and causes around us. As our company evolves, so too will our ability to give back.”

The company’s efforts to reduce waste and harmful byproducts from corporate gifting will continue to expand through Pledge 1% to help power innovation and impact for more shareholders in its business – specifically nonprofits. This new partnership with Pledge 1% will drive longevity and scalability into Loop & Tie’s existing practices of sustainability across three core pillars of impact: Environmental Sustainability, Economic Sustainability, and Social Sustainability.

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As the world’s first and only carbon regenerative gifting platform, Loop & Tie has committed to removing 2x the amount of carbon it puts into the atmosphere through its shipping practices. Each year, it sequesters 1.3 million pounds of carbon, and has planted over 19 Central Parks’ worth of trees. It’s through these land conservation efforts that Loop & Tie provides jobs and support to communities around the world.

With over 146 million tons of plastic used annually in gifting, Loop & Tie is also committed to reducing plastic from finding its way into landfills and oceans by ensuring that all packaging is made of 100% recyclable or biodegradable material. In addition, the company has removed over 75,000 pounds of plastic from mid-ocean and ocean-bound sources.

Acts of sustainability also extend to how Loop & Tie supports the impact made on society and the economy. Through its Pledge 1%, Loop & Tie strengthens its responsibility to finding and supporting opportunities and causes that uplift historically marginalized communities. Thanks to the generosity of its customers who have chosen to donate their gifts to charity, almost 850 charitable organizations have received more than $1.6 million in donations to date.

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In addition, as a gifting platform focused on bringing corporate gifting budgets to small and artisan makers, women-owned businesses, BIPOC- and minority-owned businesses, gifts sent from the Loop & Tie platform have supported over 950 small businesses. By Pledging 1%, Loop & Tie will continue to create direct lines between the corporate spending power and independent creators, makers, and artisans to stimulate the economy in powerful ways.

“The impact we make through our sustainable practices today is just the beginning,” says MK Getler, CMO of Loop & Tie. “With our commitment to Pledge 1%, we are ushering in new possibilities to make an impact through and with our customers. This pledge will power the next iteration of our regenerative business practices: a business that helps other businesses give back the more they give.”

Loop & Tie is proud to partner with the Pledge 1% community of leaders and encourages their community to find new ways to give back, big and small. To help businesses give with greater impact this holiday season and in honor of Giving Tuesday, Loop & Tie has launched its $15 Giving Tuesday Collection, featuring donations to 18 nonprofit organizations.

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