Cien Helps Businesses Deal with Messy CRM Data Using AI

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Cien Appoints CRM Expert Matt Rodgers to Strategic Advisory Board and Launches Data Enhancement Services to Augment CRM Data

Cien Inc, the leading provider of AI-powered sales productivity solutions, launched its Data Enhancement Services to help companies clean up and, more significantly, augment their CRM data for more effective planning, analysis, and decision-making. Research by the company suggests that data quality remains the biggest challenge facing technology businesses for the third successive year. Over 83% of sales leaders surveyed claim that improving their visibility in their sales data is their top priority for 2018.

Cien’s Data Enhancement Services helps companies manage inaccurate, incomplete, or inconsistent CRM records. Using machine learning and natural language processing, Cien is able to contextually understand the semantics of CRM data and align entries according to changing business definitions and processes.

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Cien Helps Businesses Deal with Messy CRM Data Using AI
Matt Rodgers

In addition, the company announced that senior CRM expert and professional services executive Matt Rodgers is joining Cien’s Strategic Advisory Board. A Stanford University graduate with over 25 years of management experience at companies such as, Lithium Technologies, Slalom Consulting, and Accenture, Rodgers brings to the board an extensive background in professional services, as well as expertise in the delivery of CRM products and services.

“I’m deeply impressed by the possibilities offered by Cien’s technology and am delighted to be joining their Advisory Board. Cien allows companies to easily enhance their CRM data in ways that were previously impossible, then use that augmented data to drive sales productivity,” says Rodgers.

Rob Käll, CEO and Co-Founder, Cien
Rob Käll

“CRM data quality is a huge issue for most organizations and we have been working on this problem for several years. I am very pleased that we can now offer Data Enhancement as a stand-alone service. With Matt on the team, we have a true CRM thought leader, who can help our customers get more out of their existing Salesforce implementations,” says Cien CEO, Rob Käll.

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