Microsoft CRM Consultants Launch Micro-Accelerator for Construction Firms


Aerie Consulting, a Burlington, VT-based company with offices strategically located in Charlotte, NC, Syracuse, NY, Denver, CO, and Tampa, FL has launched their CRM Micro-Accelerator solution based on the Microsoft Power Platform for the construction industry.

Already being used by both CSI3000, a large MBE Site Contractor in Chicago, and GEI Consultants, a multi-disciplined engineering and technical services firm based in Boston with offices across the United States, the solution provides a low-cost alternative to other CRM applications like Salesforce or Sugar CRM while providing the same core functionality. In addition, the CRM Micro-Accelerator is built on the Microsoft Cloud, so the company’s data is safe and secure while still being available and accessible anywhere, anytime, on any device.

The CRM Micro-Accelerator from Aerie Consulting is built on the Microsoft Power Platform, and it offers a massive advantage in the fact that it gives construction-related companies a running start on their CRM efforts. It comes with a series of pre-built (yet highly customizable) features that can be implemented in accordance with their specific needs. Companies can use the CRM Micro-Accelerator to standardize any sales and business process. In addition, since the CRM Micro-Accelerator is built on the Microsoft Power Platform it is compatible and can be integrated with other Microsoft 365 applications like Outlook, Teams, and Power Bi to improve the productivity of marketing, sales, and/or operations personnel.

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CRM, or customer relationship management, is important in virtually every industry, but it grows increasingly vital as businesses grow and begin to take on more clients or expand their portfolios. In essence, CRM is a range of centralized, data-driven software solutions that enable businesses to track their engagement and interactions with customers.

An effective CRM solution can help a business accomplish many tasks. Under the umbrella of maintaining a record of customer interactions, it can track sales leads, the progress and results of marketing efforts, every aspect of a sales pipeline (including leads, prospects, and customers), and more. By consolidating this information into one platform, it offers the business actionable data they can use to streamline the administrative processes in their sales, marketing, and operations departments — which leads to higher profitability.

Construction companies that wish to bypass the steep learning curve and costly investment of other subscription-based cloud CRM solutions and instead take advantage of the Microsoft Cloud are welcome to contact Ben Peterman at Aerie Consulting  to discover how the CRM Micro-Accelerator can be a suitable alternative — with a bigger impact. Interested parties may also learn more about the firm, its objectives, capabilities, and more at the following link: Aerie Consulting Microsoft CRM Consultants.

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