SutiCRM’s Latest Software Version Is Packed with New Features Enhancing the User Experience

SutiSoft Announces the Release of the Latest Software Version of Its Flagship Product SutiCRM. This Release Will Drastically Help in Streamlining Processes and Improving the Experience of Its Users

SutiSoft Inc. has always been a trusted provider of easy-to-use business solutions for Smartphones and web browsers. SutiCRM 7.2 which is the latest version of the company’s CRM software has been released with additional features for users and administrators.

This new release will allow users to-

  • Extract surplus reports from a variety of modules
  • Customize call logs
  • Create new workflows in the CRM software
  • Manage existing workflows in SutiCRM 7.2

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Key features of this latest software release are-

  1. Customize the Call Log & Task modules, and create & manage workflows in the CRM software
  2. Flexibility in generating reports for newer models. SutiCRM now allows its users to generate reports in-
  • Tasks
  • Call Logs
  • Quotes
  • Sales Orders
  • Invoice modules based out of administrator configuration
  1. Call logs & Task Modules are now customizable.
  2. Radio buttons and checkboxes can now be customized
  3. The latest release is allowing radio buttons and checkboxes in integrated web forms
  4. Users can now send mass emails to customer contacts
  5. Workflow rules can now be created by updating fields in-
  • Leads
  • Cases
  • Customer Modules

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SutiCRM has integrated marketing, Salesforce and customer support automation to operate through a single system. This is helping brands in growing their business exponentially. Its real-time dashboards, analytics, and reports help brands obtain a bird’s eye view for their CRM efforts. Brands are gaining valuable insights and making the best out of their customer interactions through SutiCRM.

SutiCRM also comes with a variety of features that are beneficial to several other teams in an enterprise. This software release drastically improves SutiCRM capabilities.

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