Ackroo and Benbria Announce Partnership

Benbria’s Customer Experience Platform to Complement Ackroo’s Gift Card, Loyalty and Rewards Solutions

Ackroo Inc., a gift card, loyalty, and rewards technology services provider, and Benbria Corporation, developers of the Loop omnichannel customer engagement and experience measurement platform, announced that the two companies have signed a joint marketing partnership agreement to help develop and expand their customer bases. Through this agreement, Ackroo and Benbria will co-market their respective platforms to each of their current and prospective hospitality and retail merchant clients.

Ackroo plans to leverage Benbria’s Loop platform to further help amplify their client’s ability to engage, understand, and build stronger one to one relationships with their customers. At a time when businesses want to learn from and communicate more effectively with their customers, the adoption of such technology has become critical. Loop delivers a unified platform designed to help businesses measure the customer experience as well as engage with them on their preferred communication channel. This ability to measure and message in real-time from a single solution is helping leading brands better understand the voice of the customer and deliver a differentiated experience.

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“The partnership with Benbria was a logical next step for Ackroo as we look to further differentiate in the marketplace,” said Steve Levely, Chief Executive Officer at Ackroo. “Our clients use our platform to not only help them attract, know, and grow their customers; they also use our platform to help engage and retain their best ones. The fit with Benbria, and their suite of solutions focused on the customer experience and retention through engagement, is a natural one.”

In return, Benbria clients will be exposed to the great value of Ackroo’s finance and marketing platform. With it, they will not only have the ability to better manage valuable currencies like physical and digital gift cards, but also gain even greater insight and drive more behaviors through Ackroo’s promotional and loyalty rewards currencies.

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“This is a great enhancement for both organizations and our respective clients,” commented Jordan Parsons, Chief Executive Officer at Benbria. “Hospitality and retail customers are looking for full-service solutions and partnerships like these are key. We are looking forward to working with Ackroo to collaborate on joint solutions with existing and future clients at both companies.”

The two companies plan to start co-marketing their services to their respective clients in the coming week as well as working on more unified solution offerings in the coming months.

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