ActiveCampaign Launches Industry-First Marketplace, Making Automation Recipes Accessible to Businesses of Any Size

ActiveCampaign, the leader in Customer Experience Automation (CXA), today announced the launch of the ActiveCampaign Marketplace, making Customer Experience Automation more accessible to businesses than ever before. The new Marketplace builds on the successful automation recipe program, which has been leveraged to create over 300,000 unique customer experiences since its inception in 2016 and helps businesses of all sizes get the resources they need to build connections with their customers.

As companies grow, they face the challenge of scaling their operations, often creating repetitive work and making it more difficult to maintain connections with their customers. With ActiveCampaign, and the help of over 250 recipes in the Marketplace, businesses can access a virtual roadmap that lets them engage with their customers, making sure every customer — from the 10th to the 10 millionth — is treated like their most important customer.

Automation recipes go far beyond the templates that many companies provide, as recipes are strategic recommendations about how businesses can engage with their customers. As businesses add new recipes, there is a compounding effect. Each recipe added makes the recipes already being used even more effective and can be tailored to support every business’ individual toolset, business model, and goals.

Features of the new Marketplace include:

  • A library of over 250 recipes created by ActiveCampaign, ActiveCampaign customers, and ActiveCampaign’s partner network
  • Filters for experience level, industry, features and business needs — making it easier than ever to discover ways to automate business
  • Easy import and customization of recipes, so that businesses can adjust templates to their unique situations
  • Share functionality, so that people can share recipes or get suggestions from the ActiveCampaign community

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Recipes in the Marketplace are varied, with recipes for different industries, use cases and business needs, but some frequently used recipes include: Examples of automation recipes in the Marketplace include:

  • Create a welcome series to follow up with prospective and/or new customers
  • Follow-up after a purchase or to encourage completion of a digital purchase (abandoned shopping cart)
  • Segment new contacts after they schedule a meeting through an appointment scheduler, so that representatives can follow up based on customer interest
  • Automatically update sales stages when representatives complete tasks, to remove manual CRM updates and close deals faster

The recipes are easily imported into any ActiveCampaign account and can be easily customized to the customer’s needs. These are accessible from both the ActiveCampaign solution and via a public and ungated Marketplace, so that any company, even those not using ActiveCampaign, can browse and improve their customer experience.

“It’s important that we help companies have the best possible experience with their customers, whether they are ActiveCampaign customers or not. That’s why I’m so proud to launch our new Marketplace,” said Jason Vandeboom, CEO and founder of ActiveCampaign. “This is a first of its kind, as no other marketing automation, email marketing, CRM or support solution has created a publicly available library of customer experience recipes.”

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“Automation recipes have allowed me to re-engage with my audience. I was able to begin with simple recipes to start and move onto more complicated automations to better connect with my customers,” said Himanshi Munshaw Luhar, Director of FoodieTrails, a food travel company based in Australia. “With our business coming to a standstill due to COVID-19, we were able to pivot and create a physical product paired with a virtual experience. Not only have we been able to create a new revenue stream, but ActiveCampaign has been key in delivering this with the user experience in mind.”

Earlier this year, ActiveCampaign launched an industry-first Customer Success Commitment that ensures the best value, service and security for their over 95,000 customers. The additions to the new ActiveCampaign Marketplace and improvements to the automation recipes functionality represent an expansion of this ongoing commitment.

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