Business Reporter: Building Customer Trust to Create Brand Loyalty

Customer trust makes all the difference in building lasting brand loyalty: three steps is all it takes

In an article published on Business Reporter, Katherine Calvert, Chief Marketing Officer at Khoros, explains that barriers to entry in most industries are being lowered by technology. Businesses find it increasingly hard to compete on product and price. The customer’s end-to-end experience is what powers business success.

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Research shows that customer loyalty is driven by several factors and trust tops the list. It’s no longer just a nice-to-have. It’s a prerequisite for purchase and can be built through three simple steps.

The first step is to build consumer trust by acting like a human, not a press release. Consumers want to feel emotional connections to the brands they use. They don’t want their brand interactions to feel corporate, robotic, or inauthentic.

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Next is to personalise interactions. This is largely emotional and can be hard to quantify. However, brands that fail to prioritise emotional factors risk alienating a large portion of their customer base.

Thirdly, brands need to grow consumer trust with authentic relationships. Making the sale is important but offering a well-timed suggestion might be more impactful to the bottom line. When brands develop relationships with customers, trust grows, which ultimately drives loyalty.

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