Cegid’s Customer Satisfaction Rises Nearly 10% Using Genesys Cloud

Cloud contact center solution from Genesys enables Cegid to rapidly enable a remote workforce during COVID-19 and supports global expansion plans

With hundreds of thousands of customers across 75 countries, Cegid is a leader in business management solutions for accounting, finance and tax, payroll and human resources, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and retail. The company is the third ranked software as a service provider in France and has earned a reputation as an industry trailblazer for being one of first to adopt and integrate cloud technology into its solutions. As a result of moving its contact center to the cloud with Genesys®, the global leader in cloud customer experience and contact center solutions, Cegid improved the service it delivers to some of the world’s biggest brands and a variety of small to medium sized businesses (SMB) as clients.

Cegid CIO Thierry Galvagni said, “Since deploying Genesys Cloud™, we’ve already increased customer satisfaction by nearly 10% and gained a 20% improvement in meeting our SLAs.”

In addition, the company is now able to more accurately measure customer service effectiveness, and its managers have greater visibility into specific key performance indicators. This has enabled Cegid to provide better training and more accurate reporting.

Before using the all-in-one solution and world’s leading public cloud contact center platform from Genesys, Cegid’s customer data was siloed across disparate on-premises systems. To support the company’s global expansion, Cegid needed to ensure it could connect every customer interaction across voice and digital channels to provide more personalized service.

“Our former system wasn’t as flexible or adaptable as our business needed, which made it difficult to optimize inbound and outbound calls,” explains Thierry Galvagni. “It was also challenging to connect back office systems to our previous platform, which meant customer records did not always follow the caller. We needed to move to a cloud-based solution to support our international growth and provide our customers with an experience that matched our in-house software. Genesys Cloud met all of these needs.”

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Providing best-in-class support

Cegid integrated its call ticketing system with Genesys Cloud and optimized its call flows. This enables its customers to reach the right expert the first time so their issues can be resolved quickly.

“Our technology is critical to our customers’ businesses,” Thierry Galvagni explains. “Part of our offering is to design and build payroll solutions, and if there is an issue, we need to be able to resolve these straight away. Genesys Cloud enables us to route our customers to the most appropriate agent and solve their issues rapidly to offer the best experience to our customers.”

Genesys Cloud has also allowed the company to streamline its 70 previous IVR numbers down to just two, simplifying management. Cegid’s agents have also experienced benefits as a result of using Genesys Cloud. One example is improved access to historical and real-time customer data, allowing agents to provide a more connected experience.

Rapid response to crisis

In addition, the shift to a cloud contact center platform enabled Cegid to respond rapidly to the COVID-19 pandemic. “Thanks to the agility of Genesys Cloud, we were able to get 400 agents working from home in just two days with no impact on our customers,” says Thierry Galvagni. “We would never have been able to do this with our previous legacy supplier. Genesys has been a critical part of our COVID-19 business continuity plan in ensuring the health and safety of our employees while continuing to deliver the high-quality service our customers deserve.”

According to Thierry Galvagni, the transition to remote working was seamless for employees because they have the same access to Genesys Cloud at home as they do in an office. “Removing the need to commute during this difficult time has reduced stress for our employees, while enabling us to ensure their health, safety and well-being,” he explains.

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A global solution

Cegid began its contact center transformation with its Lyon, France location and plans to extend the solution to its 15 global subsidiaries in the near future. “We’ve tested Genesys Cloud to ensure it can scale to include every employee, and the solution has proven to be an effective, cost-efficient replacement for our contact center systems around the world,” Thierry Galvagni adds.

In addition, Cegid is considering integrating Genesys Cloud with its customer relationship management solution as well as introducing artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, such as voice bots, chat bots and predictive engagement.

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