Croquet Joins Metaverse Standards Forum

Becomes Principal Member alongside other top Metaverse development pioneers, reinforcing its leading role in standards development and interoperability

Croquet Corporation, creator of the first open Metaverse operating system (OS) and development platform, announced it has joined the Metaverse Standards Forum. As a Principal Member, Croquet’s participation in the Forum furthers its contribution to the development of best-in-class Metaverse standards and underscores the influence of its technology in enabling interoperability within the Metaverse.

Croquet recently announced the open beta of its Microverse IDE, a development and deployment environment built on Croquet OS that empowers Web and Web3 developers to rapidly deliver interoperable, standards-based Metaverse worlds. Developers and designers can use Microverse IDE to collaboratively build low latency, high performance multi-user Microverse spaces and worlds, which can then be published anywhere. Joining the Forum underscores the role of both the Croquet OS and open source Microverse IDE as the best development and immersive 3D builder solutions available for the Metaverse.

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Croquet’s role as a principal member of the Metaverse Standards Forum also strengthens the position of its multiplane portals as a critical piece of the Metaverse interoperability puzzle. Available today as a component of Microverse IDE, multiplane portals securely connect independent 3D virtual worlds developed by different parties, even across different domains. These portals deliver decentralized interoperability among various worlds safely, securely and independent of the large technology platforms.

Interoperability is one of the core underlying requirements of an open Metaverse. Based upon open, standards-based technologies, Croquet provides a global solution for developers and companies who desire independence from the proprietary, closed networks.

“Croquet is committed to the development and deployment of the true open Metaverse, free of control and restrictions,” said David A. Smith, founder and CTO, Croquet. “Joining the Metaverse Standards Forum reinforces our leadership in the use and development of open standards that will make a fully interoperable, open and scalable Metaverse come to life. As a principal member, we look forward to further contributing to the growing Metaverse community, and to the development of best-in-class Metaverse standards that will continue to ensure interoperability.”

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