Engaging Audiences is Critical for Successful Online Influencers

As legacy media like cable TV continue their decline, the digital media landscape is lush with opportunity for small and large influencers alike. The internet’s billions of users are hungry for content and the accessibility of online platforms means not only is there something for everyone, but there is also an audience for every creator no matter how niche. The problem for influencers is finding their audiences in this massive digital ocean. For big name movie studios and independent YouTubers alike, companies like BBTV Corp., Netflix, Amazon.com, Digital Turbine, and Facebook Inc are top of mind for creators that want to build and reach their audience.

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BBTV Perfects Online Content Optimization

Vancouver-based digital media and technology company BBTV has built a multi-million dollar business around helping content creators and influencers get their work in front of as big an audience as possible. The company helps content creators like independent YouTubers and media companies like major film studios manage their online content through a variety of channels, including content optimization, digital rights management, and more.

According to Comscore, BBTV content received more than 615 million unique viewers in August 2020 alone across digital platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, making it the second-largest video property worldwide, only behind Google. In Q3, BBTV received 121.2 billion views from platforms like YouTube, an 18% increase from Q3 2019. The company’s clients include major names like the NBA, Viacom, and Sony Pictures.

BBTV offers a wide range of proprietary technologies to help creators get the most out of their content. Among these are tools that help grow views and revenues, including optimization of content for maximum audience reach by providing suggestions for keywords and metadata, driving collaboration between creators to share audiences, and providing insights on content performance.

BBTV released a business update on December 14 highlighting a few of the company’s latest developments. The company recently signed a new SaaS Content Management agreement with the NBA for which BBTV manages all fan-uploaded YouTube content across most of the world. The company also announced that its high-margin Direct Sales revenues increased 46% in the 12 months preceding October 2020, compared to the same period in 2019, and that November was a record month for BBTV’s direct advertising. In Q3, BBTV achieved a record quarterly revenue of $120.7 million, a 31% percent increase YoY.

“We’re extremely pleased with the ongoing growth and development of BBTV’s Direct Advertising solutions as we move through the fourth quarter, resulting in gross profit increases for the wider business,” BBTV Chairperson and CEO Shahrzad Rafati said in the release. “The renewal of our significant content management partnership with the NBA is testament to the great value we’re able to bring content owners of all sizes, across different content verticals and territories. It remains an incredibly exciting time for the business and we are looking forward to continued success in 2021.”

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Tools and Platforms for Audience Development and Engagement

Through its Twitch streaming platform, Amazon.com Inc has one of the largest live streaming audiences on the web. Twitch offers gamers looking to build and engage with audiences through the platform with a wide range of tools to do so, including the platform’s Creator Camp, which teaches skills for viewer retention and audience engagement.

Netflix Inc has been a pioneer in premium web-based video streaming for more than a decade now. As the streaming platform has grown so has its need for a larger and more varied library of content to keep viewers of all types engaged. This has provided opportunities for not only established studios but for smaller and more niche creators to bring their content to the service. Then, Netflix uses its proprietary algorithm to match that content with the right viewers.

Digital Turbine Inc offers a technology platform that promotes frictionless app and content discovery by delivering content directly to devices through partnerships with more than 40 mobile operators. Digital Turbine helps clients acquire and engage user audiences and monetize mobile content.

Facebook Inc and Instagram feature two of the largest social media user bases on the internet, creating enormous audience engagement opportunities for influencers. Facebook’s algorithm has proven notoriously difficult for content creators to master in order to get seen by a wide audience on the platform; however, the site does offer a wide range of tools and third-party services like those offered by BBTV that can help take the guesswork out of the process.

The digital content landscape is vast and daunting for influencers looking to get their content seen by a wide audience, but platforms like BBTV are making audience building and engagement easier for major studios and independent producers.

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