Experian Reinforces Its Commitment to Help Companies More Accurately Identify and Better Connect with People

New Whitepaper and Advertising Week Panel Discussions Aim to Educate Marketers on How Data and Technology Can Drive Better Customer Experiences

Customer identity is the foundation of any successful business, yet many businesses still struggle to properly identify their customers. According to recent research from the Data & Marketing Association (DMA) and Winterberry Group, only 15 percent of businesses can identify their audiences accurately and consistently. To help, Experian  unveiled a new whitepaper designed to educate companies on how to tackle the identity resolution challenge head-on and deliver communications that resonate with both prospects and customers.

Experian’s whitepaper, Connecting the Dots of Consumer Identity, breaks down the key concepts of identity resolution, addresses the nuances of an individual’s identity, and provides actionable steps to solve the identity challenge. Additionally, it details both online and offline touchpoints, such as names, addresses, devices, emails, social handles, etc. According to the whitepaper, organizations that recognize the value of identity resolution and establish it as the foundation for downstream marketing activities experience greater impact in all of their marketing campaigns.

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“With the proliferation of devices and media channels, marketers face unprecedented challenges when it comes to customer identity management,” said Kevin Dean, Experian’s president of Marketing Services. “We’re committed to helping marketers gain a better understanding of their target audience. And, the driving forces in identity resolution solution are quality data and technology. If we can help marketers bridge that gap, brands can then make the right marketing decisions and have more meaningful interactions with their intended audiences.”

In addition to the whitepaper, Experian executives will participate in multiple panel discussions during Advertising Week, October 1-4, in New York. With a focus on identity and data-driven advertising, Experian’s participation in the industry-leading event further exemplifies its commitment to help businesses maximize the power of data and adapt to the ever-changing environment.

  • Tuesday, October 2 Jason Ellman, Experian’s senior director of innovation for Marketing Services, will participate in a panel entitled Data Transparency Label At-A-Glance. The focus of the discussion will be on the importance of data transparency and the proposed data labeling standards.
  • Wednesday, October 3 Aimee Irwin, Experian’s vice president of strategy for Marketing Services, and Bruce Biegel, Winterberry Group’s senior managing director, will present a discussion entitled No Case of Mistaken Identity: Knowing Your Customers is the Key to Your Success
  • Thursday, October 4 – Irwin will participate in a session entitled Future Tellers. The discussion will focus on how data-driven advertising has allowed brands and marketers to predict consumer behavior.

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The DMA and Winterberry Group research also shows marketers have increased attention and resources on identity to deliver enhanced, privacy compliant customer experiences. In fact,58 percent of companies have intensified their focus on identity over the past year, while nearly half reported that their organization will invest more capital and resources in identity solutions over the coming 12 months.

“Beyond the delivery of personalized communications, accurately identifying individuals reduces wasted ad spend for brands. Marketers can be confident that the audience they are seeking has a genuine interest in their product,” continued Dean. “That means a stronger return on campaign investment, and the reallocation of resources to other priority areas.”

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