Fast Simon Unveils SDK for Headless Commerce

Fast Simon (formerly InstantSearch+) unveiled a new JavaScript (JS) SDK for its popular Fast Simon AI shopping optimization solution. With less than 10 lines of code, merchants can use the new SDK to easily integrate the award-winning Fast Simon platform with any custom eCommerce front-end to drive dramatic increases in average order value (AOV) and conversion.

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.@InstantSearch_ introduces Fast Simon SDK for headless commerce giving developers creative control of front-end shopping experiences and merchants control of AI shopping optimization

The new Vue.JS and React-ready JS SDK delivers frictionless integration of Fast Simon with headless commerce. Combined with the Fast Simon self-managed dashboard, it gives merchants complete control of critical retail functions like Merchandising, Search, A/B Testing, Collection Filters, Personalization, and Visual Discovery powered by eCommerce-optimized machine learning, as well as upsell and cross-sell product recommendations.

“Merchants compete on creative and engaging front-end shopping experiences that can rapidly adapt to new retail and consumer behaviors. There isn’t time for tedious coding that slows deployment,” said Zohar Gilad, CEO of Fast Simon. “Our new SDK delivers the best of both worlds. Merchants and their creative agencies gain full control of the consumer-facing experience and a simplified back-end integration of the Fast Simon AI shopping optimization platform.”

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Most merchants deploy Fast Simon with just a few clicks and no programming. The new developer resources are designed for merchants with highly customized, decoupled front ends. This includes headless commerce implementations developed in WordPress, Vue.JS, or React on top of Shopify, BigCommerce or other popular platforms.

“Natural Life prides itself on engaging consumer experiences tailored for shoppers interested in boho styles,” said Corte Swearingen, manager of conversion optimization and web analytics at Natural Life. “With just a few lines of code, we were able to integrate our Vue.js front end with Fast Simon and gain all the merchandising, search and personalization benefits of AI shopping optimization.”

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