Glisser Optimizes Customer Journeys and Increases Retention with Medallia Strikedeck Platform for Customer Success

Virtual, in-person, and hybrid customer event company to centralize previously siloed customer information and automate workflows and playbooks.

Medallia, Inc., the global leader in customer and employee experience, today announced Glisser, known for its award-winning tech platform powering engaging virtual, in-person, and hybrid customer event experiences, has selected the Medallia Strikedeck platform to optimize customer journeys and increase customer retention.

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“With the Medallia Strikedeck platform, Glisser has visibility into each customer and the progress of their journey”

Being in a highly competitive market that has gone through tumultuous change through the pandemic, Glisser wanted to ensure the best customer experiences for the highest levels of satisfaction and loyalty.

“The event sector is entering yet another challenging new era and throughout this change it is important to maintain a complete view of each customer and how they are using our platform, to provide the best experiences and ensure they are getting the most out of their investment in Glisser,” said Vanessa Lovatt, Chief Evangelist, Glisser. “We use Medallia Strikedeck to unify customer information and have a current and complete understanding of their health and satisfaction. We also use the platform to manage our team to provide a customized onboarding experience and respond to—and even stay ahead of—customer needs.”

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Medallia Strikedeck is a powerful and comprehensive customer success solution, enabling businesses to increase customer trust and loyalty, improve retention and expand sales potential. The platform takes a fresh approach to increasing customer engagement with the latest technologies, including automated workflow, machine learning, predictive analytics, usage tracking, surveys, swift personalization and integration with other systems.

“With the Medallia Strikedeck platform, Glisser has visibility into each customer and the progress of their journey,” said Shreesha Ramdas, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Medallia Strikedeck. “Glisser can work with each customer to help ensure they attain the greatest value from their platform for event experiences and achieve the level of success they deserve.”

The Medallia Strikedeck platform has enabled standardized workflows and playbooks to provide consistent, high quality customer experiences while also having the flexibility to treat each according to their specific needs. The combination of customer visibility, more standardized processes and better organization and collaboration for the customer success team makes the team both more efficient and effective.

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