iCXeed Announces Chief Culture Officer to Unleash Next Generation Talent

iCXeed aims to deliver the best in talent and technology, through a differentiated gamified engagement culture focused on CX innovation.

iCXeed PTE. LTD., a full-suite digital Customer Experience (CX) company, announced that Rain Abueg has joined the company as Co-Founder and Chief Culture Officer. “We are thrilled to have Rain in our team,” said Arthur Nowak, Co-Founder & CEO, iCXeed. “We are investing in training our experts with future-proof next generation CX skills. These skills are invaluable in today’s digital-first economies, and iCXeed is determined to lead the way in reshaping business process outsourcing (BPO) into business process innovation. Our digital-first and employee-first culture is mission critical in continuing to realize success in this endeavor.”

iCXeed is providing multiple pathways for its frontline experts to autonomously explore and develop mastery in these digital-first skills, leveraging a gamified talent development and engagement framework. This is powered in partnership with Centrical, an AI-enabled solution using advanced gamification, personalized microlearning, augmented coaching, and experience rewards to drive employee performance in an energetic and fun environment.

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“iCXeed unleashes our experts with friction elimination, task automation, and omni-channel & AI optimization skills so they can go beyond just resolving customer issues and deliver more CX innovation.”

— Rain Abueg

“I am excited because we are unique in offering career avenues not just for vertical leadership growth but also for lateral expertise development,” said Abueg. “iCXeed provides opportunities for digital competency development, a differentiator in the talent market. Our experts find a purpose beyond resolving customer issues repetitively. They proactively add value and grow their professional acumen in skills like customer journey mapping, multimedia analytics, social content strategy, citizen developer automation, and service channel optimization. These are skills that will be in strong demand well over the next decade, because they can create tremendous value for our clients and their customers”

The strategy in attracting, training, and engaging talent to grow in CX innovation will be the core focus of Abueg at iCXeed.

“There is a reason the Philippines is the leading destination for customer experience talent,” added Ryan Rayner, Co-Founder & Chief Customer Accelerator. “Combining passion and commitment with digital competency and the right technology is the formula to accelerate digital growth for the enterprises choosing us as their strategic CX partner.”

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