Movable Ink Platform Yields 373% ROI According to Independent Total Economic Impact Study

Analysis Shows How Movable Ink’s Visual Experience Platform Substantially Boosts Email Campaign Revenues While Improving User Workflow, Productivity, and Time to Market

Movable Ink, the visual experience platform provider for digital marketing leaders, announced the results of a commissioned Total Economic Impact (TEI) study by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Movable Ink. After conducting a rigorous analysis of Movable Ink clients based on its proven TEI methodology, Forrester Consulting revealed that a composite organization relying on Movable Ink can achieve an ROI of 373%, a $66 Million increase in revenue via email channel over three years, and a payback period of less than 3 months.

During the course of the independent study, Forrester interviewed five Movable Ink clients ranging from less than $500 Million to $25 Billion in annual revenue across the retail, travel, and entertainment industries to understand the potential impact of Movable Ink’s visual experience platform. The study found that using Movable Ink to generate personalized visual experiences at the moment of engagement had a significant impact on improving campaign performance, streamlining production, and achieving faster time to market.

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The study documented the following three-year results for its model composite organization:

  • 40% average increase in click-through rate for all emails featuring Movable Ink intelligent creative
  • 40% reduction in creative production efforts
  • $66M in revenue via the email channel in three years
  • $742K reduced costs from improved workflow and time savings

The study also found that ROI increased when marketers used Movable Ink in more campaigns and in more sophisticated use cases. That ROI was driven by Movable Ink’s ability to help large and medium-sized B2C brands achieve the following:

  • Improve campaign performance
  • Reduce manual content creation and achieve higher operational efficiency
  • Increase campaign velocity and execute last-minute campaigns
  • Deliver more dynamic, relevant, and always up-to-date content
  • Provide a better customer experience

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“By removing the creative bottleneck that prevents brands from generating personalized visual experiences at scale, Movable Ink is empowering brands to speak to consumers with unique image-based messages that drive consumer engagement, revenue, and loyalty,” said Vivek Sharma, CEO of Movable Ink. “Visual is the language the moves people, and the Forrester TEI study clearly shows how marketers can bring together data and images to create 1:1 experiences at the moment of engagement.”

“Because of the capabilities that Movable Ink provides, we’re able to deliver content that resonates with customers at an individual level. We’re able to do this at scale. With our previous process, we would never be able to create the number of variants necessary to do anything like this,” said the director of email marketing, at a global travel and entertainment website interviewed for the study.

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