Omnipresence Brings Novel Customer Experiences to the Med Device Industry

Indegene launched its Customer Experience Management (CXM) Platform to the med device industry at the recent MedTech Conference. To showcase what it could mean to deliver novel customer experiences (CX) when using Microsoft technologies, an AI Ice Cream Bar analysed both facial features and emotions using Azure Cognitive Services to personalize the delegates’ experience. Omnipresence’s “best predicted experience” and “deep customer graph” capabilities were configured for this purpose which came in the form of a personalized ice cream flavor recommendation for the conference delegates to enjoy a unique CX. Data was real-time streamed into a dashboard using Power BI and the Deep Customer Graph to visualize the unstructured data and reveal personal and group-level insights. Hundreds of delegates came through to visit the Ice Cream Bar.

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Indegene entered into a strategic alliance with Microsoft in 2017. Since then, Indegene has launched their next-generation CXM platform, Omnipresence, globally in the biopharmaceutical sector and are now verticalizing it further for med-devices and other sectors such as consumer health and nutrition. Aiming to provide more value to both end-users and customers than traditional CRMs, Omnipresence combines the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365, Azure, Office, Teams and LinkedIn suites and fully verticalizes these business applications for the life sciences industry in order to create the CX healthcare providers, healthcare institutions, trade customers, and other customer groups have come to expect. The class-leading technologies enable richer omnichannel experiences for customers, embedded intelligence to make the experiences more meaningful, and a simplified system footprint which easily fits in existing enterprise stacks, while modernizing disparate systems into a unified digital ecosystem.

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Sanjay Virmani, EVP of Indegene, commented, “We are at a point in the life sciences industry where it is important to quickly pivot from the operational to the experiential. The technologies chosen should only be ones that meet this experience-first strategy. Whether it be an ice cream, a taxi, banking or healthcare information, it has to come with a powerful CX or you will fall behind. Traditional CRMs are simply not designed for this world, a customer profile and recording or planning a few interactions is not CX.”

Omnipresence enables use cases that have traditionally been siloed between such systems as sales or sales force automation, marketing or marketing automation, services, trade medical affairs and other functional areas as well as newer ones like customer bots on a single unified platform while also providing traditional CRM functions. This unified approach allows for advanced intelligence capabilities such as the one showcased at MedTech to be embedded in all of the interaction so customer experiences are smooth and powerful.

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