PreciseFP Launches New Enterprise Engagement Model to Consolidate Data Gathering Workflows and Elevate Service Experience for Firms, Advisors and Clients

Docupace’s PreciseFP Also Rolls Out Strategic integrations with AdvisorEngine, Pulse360 and FP Alpha expand PreciseFP footprint

PreciseFP, the award-winning client engagement and data gathering platform from Docupace, announced the launch of its new enterprise engagement model, which is designed to consolidate multiple data gathering workflows to elevate the service experience for firms, financial advisors and their clients, while maximizing the value of existing technology expenses.

Docupace acquired PreciseFP in October 2021, recognizing that a consolidated data gathering solution comprised of both firms’ capabilities would have unlimited potential that has, until now, been relatively untapped for large enterprise wealth management firms.

Its new enterprise engagement model addresses the multiple – and often duplicative – data gathering activities that a wealth management firm’s various personnel engage in, covering everything from client prospecting, and new account opening, to ongoing administrative tasks.

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PreciseFP eliminates manual data entry, digitizing the entire client engagement process by automatically filling custodial forms and sharing data with CRMs, financial planning software, and other tools advisors already use.

The new PreciseFP Enterprise model includes several user categories, including financial advisors, power users (who undertake the activities on behalf of designated financial advisors) central office and compliance personnel. The solution optimizes each seat license by category, ensuring the enterprise is maximizing the value of the technology expense.

By removing the leg work of collecting financial data, the mobile-friendly platform provides financial advisors more time to meet with clients, create financial plans and grow their business. The platform was a 2022 finalist and 2021 Industry Award for Client Onboarding/New Account Opening.

“Docupace’s history working alongside some of the country’s largest wealth management providers provides a deep understanding of what enterprise firms need from third-party technologies,” says Michael Vossler, chief revenue officer at Docupace. “We used this intimate knowledge to create a packaged offering that directly addressed these needs with the flexibility to align the solution to the nuances of each firm’s structure.”

The new PreciseFP Enterprise model has garnered significant traction in the first six months since its launch. In total, more than 250 users have been licensed across 16 enterprise firms, connecting PreciseFP’s award-winning client data gathering solution with more than 30,000 advisory clients (of enterprise firms) and $33.1 billion in client assets. Early enterprise adopters include GenTrust, RFG Advisory, Wescott Financial Advisory Group and Carlson Capital Management.

“PreciseFP’s ability to integrate with the largest CRMs and financial planning platforms has streamlined and modernized client engagement across every facet of our business,” says Matt Garasic, CFP®, Head of Financial Planning for GenTrust. “Engaging clients with customized, user friendly, and secure forms reduces the timeline for client onboarding by feeding the data to our CRM, then to our custodian’s forms without the need for manual data entry.”

“In addition, PreciseFP has simplified our financial planning intake and eliminated hours of data entry per client by allowing me to export and populate the data directly in eMoney,” Garasic said.

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Expanding PreciseFP Integration Partners

In support of the PreciseFP platform’s capabilities, the company also announced three new integration partners with AdvisorEngine, Pulse360 and FP Alpha, with each new strategic relationship significantly expanding the PreciseFP footprint.

“Our purpose at PreciseFP is to empower advisors to spend their valuable time on the activities that are most important to their advisory firm and the clients they serve,” says Don Whalen, CFP®, President of PreciseFP. “Manual data entry doesn’t add value to the advisor-client relationship, nor to the wealth management firms’ bottom line.”

“Integrating with other industry leaders like AdvisorEngine, Pulse360 and FP Alpha helps push more advisors out of the manual data entry business, allowing them to focus on providing well-executed financial plans for their clients and building their practices,” says Whalen.


The new integration with AdvisorEngine®, a CRM and portfolio management technology trusted by over 1,200 wealth management firms managing $600 billion in client assets, allows users of the two platforms to send and receive information across accounts. This bi-directional connection means you can export and import client/prospect information with a single click. This includes data such as contact, employment, family information and more.


Pulse360 automates and streamlines your meeting lifecycle – from meeting agendas to meeting summaries. The new PreciseFP integration enables users to send highly customized emails to clients/prospects via PreciseFP engagement links. Visit the Pulse360 website for instructions on setting up the integration.

FP Alpha

FP Alpha is an AI-driven, advanced planning solution for financial advisors. The new integration with PreciseFP, which is the company’s largest integration to date, automates the estate, tax, and insurance planning processes by allowing FP Alpha users to auto-populate critical client details, assets, liabilities and insurance policy information via import from PreciseFP. This allows advisors to build upon and complement their traditional retirement planning efforts.

“The integration with PreciseFP allows advisors to begin summarizing and reviewing a client’s estate, tax and insurance plan information with just a click of a button,” says Andrew Altfest, CFP, Founder and CEO of FP Alpha.

“This frees up valuable time to work on prospecting and deepening the relationship with their clients, providing value instantly,” Altfest continues.

The strategic integrations with AdvisorEngine, Pulse360 and FP Alpha expand the platform’s community to 31 integration partners – including popular technologies such as MoneyGuidePro, eMoney, Redtail and others. Click here for more information on PreciseFP integration partners.

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