Accusoft Unveils Innovative PrizmDoc Hybrid Viewing Feature

Accusoft is excited to announce the latest innovative feature update to PrizmDoc, its industry-leading document processing integration. The new PrizmDoc Hybrid Viewing feature offloads the majority of processing work for document viewing from the PrizmDoc server to the client’s device.

While initial conversion and preparation is handled server-side, all viewing capabilities are implemented through the end user’s browser, which significantly reduces server requirements. Shifting processing to client-side devices has the added benefit of improving viewing performance, allowing users to open, view, and edit documents much faster than preparing them server-side.

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“We pride ourselves on listening to our customers when identifying opportunities for product improvements,” says Jack Berlin, CEO of Accusoft. “The Hybrid Viewing feature grew out of requests from PrizmDoc customers for a faster viewing solution that’s less resource-intensive and more scalable. This new feature provides customers with greater flexibility and cost savings as they grow their business.”

Ensuring scalability was a key priority for the Hybrid Viewing feature. Rendering and displaying documents using the PrizmDoc server could prove expensive for many customers, especially for large files or when accessing multiple documents at once. By shifting the viewing experience to client-side devices, very few server resources are required, making it easy to scale viewing to multiple concurrent viewers without increasing server costs.

Within this new feature, PrizmDoc also offers a PDF-only viewing package option that allows customers to pre-convert all file types into ready-to-view PDFs, which dramatically reduces server load with minimal storage requirements. This conversion option uses less server resources than standard SVG conversions, further reducing costs while simultaneously improving viewing performance.

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