Qualtrics Partner Network Grows to over 100 Global Members and Expands into Five Programs in Its First Year of Revolutionizing Customer, Employee, Brand and Product Experiences for Organizations Worldwide

Qualtrics Partner Network Expands into Five Programs to Support Organizations of All Sizes and Industries on Their Experience Management Journey

Qualtrics, the leader in experience management, announced that over 100 organizations have joined the Qualtrics Partner Network (QPN) in the first 12 months since its launch. The Qualtrics Partner Network, combined with the technology of the Qualtrics Experience Management (XM) Platform, extends the experience management capabilities and solutions available to help customers of all sizes and industries create breakthrough experiences and drive business results. Within its first year, QPN member companies delivered experience management to over 1,000 customers across more than 40 countries.

New partners who have joined the QPN include: BeBit, Bokka Group, commonFont, Cx Team, Davidson, DecisionWise, Deloitte, Differ, HubSpot, IBM, Intercom, IZO, Korn Ferry, LRW CX, People Insight, Purchased, ServiceNow, Skopos, Slack, SMT, Split Pin, TribeCX, Voce, and Zendesk, among others.

As organizations have embraced experience management, the QPN has expanded to include five distinct programs that enable customers to implement XM capabilities and measure their experience data, gather insights, and drive breakthrough results efficiently and at scale:

  • Delivery Partners are trained and certified to implement the Qualtrics XM Platform for customers of all sizes. Enterprise organizations can also work with Delivery Partners who receive a QPN Certified Master accreditation on custom scoping, training with Qualtrics best practices, and ongoing XM projects.
  • Alliance Partners help customers understand how experience management can benefit their organization across the four core experiences – customer, employee, brand, and product. Customers work with Alliance Partners to evaluate their current business needs and desired outcomes.
  • Advisory Partners are trusted XM scientists and consultants who identify the experience gaps within customers’ organizations. Customers work with Advisory Partners, who are trained on the Qualtrics XM Platform, to design detailed plans and roadmaps for starting their experience management journeys.
  • Innovation Partners bring experience management into customers’ existing IT ecosystems. They leverage the Qualtrics Developer Platform to design integrations and solutions that extend and customize the Qualtrics product functionality, all within the customer’s preferred technology stack.
  • Strategic Partners are all-in on experience management and work with Qualtrics to define the future of the industry. Strategic Partners offer a full suite of capabilities to accelerate XM within customers’ organizations, including implementation, consulting, and building integrations.

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“The best customer experiences are built on the Zendesk platform. As such, we are excited that Qualtrics has partnered with us to build a Zendesk integration that combines our CRM and conversational record with Qualtrics’ experience data,” said Billy Robins, Director of Technology Alliances, Zendesk. “The new integration allows us to enable our shared customers around the globe to work collaboratively and seamlessly across marketing, customer experience and customer support teams. We look forward to a stronger connection between two companies focused on creating great experiences.”

“Our mission is to help organizations design and deliver better customer experiences,” said Raj Mendes, Managing Director, The Customer Experience Company. “Our partnership with Qualtrics has empowered our clients to take their Voice of the Customer platforms to the next level by taking action on their data across the organization,” said Raj Mendes, Founder and Managing Director, The Customer Experience Company. “As a result, they have been able to continuously improve on their processes and enable a culture that values both customer and employee feedback. We are excited to continue working with Qualtrics to ensure our clients’ successes.”

“Together with Qualtrics, we have built world-class programs for our customers to accelerate their customer experience transformation,” said Nathalie Vaillant, Founder and Partner, Teresa Monroe. “Customer experience is all about capturing feedback everywhere customers are – whether it is online, in store, or on a mobile device – understanding the data in real-time, and delivering insights and actions to all levels of an organization in order to drive business impact. We’re excited to continue working with Qualtrics and be part of the Qualtrics Partner Network where we are collaboratively driving results from the C-suite to the frontlines of an organization.”

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To celebrate the first year of the QPN, Qualtrics is also announcing its inaugural Partner of the Year Awards. These winners are recognized for their commitment to experience management and for helping organizations advance and scale their customer or employee experience programs. This year’s winners include:

  • Customer Experience Partner of the Year: Walker
  • Employee Experience Partner of the Year: Workforce Science Associates

“The growth we experienced within the first year of the Qualtrics Partner Network alone is a significant validation of the experience management industry,” said John Torrey, Chief Ecosystem Officer, Qualtrics. “Our partners have unparalleled expertise in helping customers build and scale experience management programs unique to their business and industry – from employee experience to customer experience. Combined with the Qualtrics XM Platform, the Qualtrics Partner Network provides access to the best technology and services in the industry today. We will continue to grow our network to ensure the best possible outcomes for our customers and their experience management programs.”

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