Salsify Launches Significant Enhancements to GDSN Data Pool to Unite Online and In-Store Commerce Experiences

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Enhancements will ensure that brand manufacturers can best leverage GDSN data across all ecommerce and digital shelf initiatives

Salsify, the commerce experience platform that helps brands win on the digital shelf, launched significant enhancements to its Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) data pool. The updates will help further ensure compelling and consistent commerce experiences across online and offline channels while also integrating GDSN into other key commerce and digital processes.

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“Legacy data pool vendors have created a system where GDSN is complicated, expensive, and ineffective, one that has failed to bridge the gap between GDSN’s IT-exclusive legacy and its contemporary value as a fundamental tool leveraged by ecommerce, marketing, IT, and master data teams alike,” said Julie Marobella, SVP of Product Management at Salsify. “Today’s enhancements are purpose built to ensure that GDSN becomes a weapon to win on the digital shelf by unifying in-store and online commerce experiences for brands.”

The GDSN is the world’s largest product data network. GDSN makes it possible for any company, in any market, to share high-quality product information seamlessly. Historically, GDSN was used only to support supply chain master data. However in today’s world of ecommerce, GDSN data is just as often presented directly to consumers online and therefore needs to be treated as information that can help facilitate more effective commerce experiences for brands.

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To that end, Salsify today launched the following updates to its GDSN data pool functionality:
  • Attribute Explorer: Retailers’ requests are constantly evolving. Attribute Explorer is an in-app dictionary of attributes which enables brands to keep up with shifting attribute requests and fill gaps to go above and beyond the minimum with their trading partners.
  • GLN Manager: With most data pools, setting up GDSN exchanges with hundreds of partners is a manual burden. GLN Manager gives customers a fully customizable way to bundle trading partners to sync data in bulk.
  • Readiness Reports Validations: Readiness Report Validations automatically checks data against GDSN requirements, at market, industry, and retailers-specific levels, ensuring that products are complete and accurate prior to synchronizing with trading partners.

“Salsify provides our digital and ecommerce teams with more visibility, insights, and ultimately control over GDSN data than we have ever experienced in the past,” said Andrea Brenneman, Digital Commerce Content Manager at Moen Incorporated. “It has created a more seamless relationship with our IT team while giving us time back in our day through the automatic validation and distribution of GDSN data to partners. The end result is a better commerce experience for our customers.”

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