Serviceaide Launches the Luma Virtual Agent 2.X Series, The Next Generation Of Its Proven AI-Powered Virtual Agent

2.X Series Sets the Stage for Ongoing Innovations in Service and Support Across Automation and Knowledge Management

Serviceaide, Inc., a global provider of intelligent, enterprise service management solutions, today announced the launch of the Luma Virtual Agent 2.X Series, with a new architecture designed to provide superior digital support and service.  In addition, the 2.X series sets the stage for integration of deeper, more powerful automation and knowledge management capabilities to be launched later this year. Serviceaide’s next-generation virtual agent technology targets learning beyond natural language processing to incorporate context awareness, intent handling, and more.

“Luma virtual agent technology is redefining service and support across a wide range of industries and use cases in countries around the world.  Leveraging AI to deliver a whole new level of service and support is more important than ever.  And we have the experience, proven use cases and ongoing advancements in product functionality, making our Luma VA a mature offering in the market,” said Wai Wong, President and CEO of Serviceaide.

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The  Luma VA 2.X series architecture will enable the integration of powerful new automation and knowledge management capabilities to be launched later this year.  This includes advanced analytics and reporting.  Luma VA currently supports integration across all service management platforms and the leading communications channels.

“We actively seek customer feedback and are committed to incorporating their requests and future business needs into our technology and capabilities” said Abed Farhan, SVP Customer Relationships.  “After rapid iterative improvements based on customer feedback to our 1.x product series, the Luma VA 2X series represents another big step forward in AI-powered service and support.”

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The first release in the series is Luma Virtual Agent (VA) 2.4,  which provides enhanced administration capabilities and end user usability.  This includes new and improved administration tools, advances in virtual agent skills development, improved natural language processing performance, and new flexibility and customer choice in deployment options and pricing.

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