Siemens Cooperates with Atos and Nexthink to Turn Data into Experience

Atos, a global leader in digital transformation, announces one of the world’s largest digital workplace deployments. “Digital Experience Management” has been rolled out together with Siemens IT to 300,000 employees in 111 countries, who are benefiting from major improvements in their digital workplace transformation, utilizing data and enhancing their experience. The companies have worked together as close strategic partners handling project and service delivery. As a result of this now enhanced endpoint eco-system, Siemens employees’ satisfaction and measured productivity with their working environment continues to rise.

Improving digital user journeys with automation based on pattern recognition

This new workplace solution applies a data-driven approach for measuring, delivering and improving user journeys and the daily experience of users through the information on employee engagement, based on collected data and actual feedback. Problem patterns and weaknesses in the daily work-routines are automatically identified and proactive countermeasures with self-healing mechanisms triggered.

A key driver of these changes has been the partnership between Atos and Nexthink, the world leader in digital user experience management software, which brings its expertise in real-time analytics and automation. In partnership with Siemens, the three companies are now taking automation to a new level driving the digital transformation.

Employees are the key to success

The Incubator (business developer) for this new solution, business psychologist Wendelin Zöpfl at Siemens’ Digitalization Enablement Center, points out, “People are the key asset in our company, empowering them in an enhanced digital environment is key to the success of Siemens. The focus is to deliver best in class quality and new digital experiences to the workforce, not just technology wise, but also supporting the personal evolvement and needs of our employees.”

The new Siemens CIO, Hanna Hennig and Markus Holzheimer, Head of Global IT Infrastructure, consider that the mission is on track: “Atos has not simply offered us a toolset perfectly in line with our activities around becoming a data-driven enterprise. Optimizing the use of technology in a sustainable and efficient way, combined with transforming the employee experience is an essential building block for a digital company, where most cannot yet fathom which potentials lay ahead in adopting this digital way forward.

Through the Nexthink partnership and our investment in establishing world class expertise in data-driven, automated and proactive end user support, we are able to bring a step change to employee experiences for Siemens and other customers.” adds Jo Debecker, Executive Vice President and Head of Infrastructure & Data Management at Atos.

Pedro Bados, CEO and co-founder of Nexthink, sees further potential: “The partnership with Atos, one of the most innovative consulting companies in end-user computing, validates Nexthink technology as the most powerful platform to improve digital workplaces for millions of local and remote workers around the world. We see all leading organizations, like Siemens and Atos, are now prioritizing the experience of employees as part of their digital transformation plans.”