Totango Operationalizes Customer Success for Growing Roster of Enterprise Customers

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Autodesk, Tyler Technologies and Waystar Select Totango to Complete Digital Transformation Initiatives and Achieve Customer-centricity Across the Enterprise

Totango, the leader in Customer Success for the enterprise, announced that Autodesk, Tyler Technologies and Waystar have selected Totango Spark, Totango’s flagship Customer Success platform, to complete their digital transformation to be more customer-centric. These companies join the ranks of enterprises including Dimension Data, Monster, Workfront, Schneider Electric and Zoom who use Totango to quickly adopt and operationalize customer centricity across their organizations. Totango empowers enterprises to transform customer data into action at all levels of the organization, and apply that knowledge to achieve outsized business results with an iterative approach to customer success.

“Enterprises need a customer-centered solution that facilitates the extraction of insights from data across the customer lifecycle, making it actionable to accelerate customer lifetime value,” said Guy Nirpaz, CEO and founder, Totango. “We’re delighted to work with Tyler Technologies, Waystar and Autodesk to help them access and act on insights from their customer data so they can operationalize a company-wide approach to customer-centricity.”

Totango Spark, the enterprise Customer Success solution designed to guide organizations in expediting the implementation and impact of Customer Success, surfaces customer-centric activities that will have the biggest impact on business results in the shortest amount of time—within weeks, not months. Spark takes in customer data from any system to show the most recent customer status and activity in one place, enabling employees  across an entire enterprise to engage at every stage of the customer journey with the right information, goals and metrics. With Spark’s built-in SuccessBLOCS, a modular approach that disaggregates the customer journey into easily manageable increments, enterprises are empowered with a configurable toolkit of best practices, assets, scorecards and campaigns that ensures enterprises achieve business goals and outcomes.

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Totango Delivers Best-in-Class Customer Success Practices and Expertise for Autodesk

Autodesk, provider of software services for the architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing, media, education and entertainment industries chose to implement Spark for Customer Success not only because it provides the biggest impact on business results in the shortest amount of time, but because working with Totango also provides access to an ecosystem of best practices and a network of industry-leading Customer Success experts.

“We attended Totango’s inaugural Global Executive Forum and were impressed by the best practices we learned and the opportunity we had to network with the industry experts, thought leaders and enterprise peers that were gathered there,” said Katriona Lord-Levins, Director of Construction Customer Success, Autodesk. “With Totango, we’re not only getting a best-in-class Customer Success platform, we’re also accessing an ecosystem of Customer Success experts so we can continue to improve our processes.”

Tyler Technologies Connects the Dots of Disparate Customer Data with Spark

Faced with inefficient processes and disconnected data, Tyler Technologies, a provider of integrated software and technology services to the public sector, needed a way to extract actionable insights from the customer data available across their company. With Spark, Tyler Technologies was empowered to establish more efficient customer success processes that ensure it can keep pace with business growth.

“We realized we had many inefficiencies within our processes and a tremendous amount of disconnected data without any ability to connect the dots. Choosing Totango is the best choice we’ve made — Spark is by far the best Customer Success platform on the market,” said Erin Miller, VP of Client Success, Tyler Technologies. “Spark is not only innovative, but it is also very user-friendly which allowed us to instantly benefit from the robust platform. Totango has helped us quickly make sense of the tsunami of disparate data coming in from our customers so we can take the necessary actions to provide the best client experience.”

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Waystar Taps Totango to Quickly Scale Client Success Operations and Optimize Customer-Centric Business Decisions

Waystar, a leading provider of revenue cycle technology for the healthcare industry, experienced a period of high business growth and needed a technology partner to help quickly scale its client success initiatives. Using Spark, Waystar was able to successfully scale client success operations, as well as to establish better business processes around renewals and expansion. Totango codifies Waystar’s client success practices and surfaces actionable insights that trigger the right customer-centric business decisions.

“We needed a partner who truly understood the healthcare industry and associated hierarchy in order to support our client success goals,” said Katie Patel, Head of Client Success Management, Waystar. “Totango’s technology will enable us to scale quickly to meet our business needs, and most importantly ensure we are delivering a wonderful client experience.”

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