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TruOptik launches OTT Marketing Cloud at 2017 Consumer Electronics Show

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Digital media intelligence company TruOptik chose the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) as a platform to announce the launch of a new OTT Marketing Cloud. According to TruOptik, the latest cloud platform is designed to measure, activate, analyze and attribute advertising campaigns for connected TV exclusively. It will deliver innovative features to both advertisers and publishers with cross-screen, audience-based targeting agility.

Features of OTT Marketing Cloud

Marketers can finally lay hands on an all-inclusive data management platform to monitor campaign performance, measure audience engagement and evaluate marketing attribution across channels. The new OTT Marketing Cloud is designed to monetize the brand value of every marketing campaign driven by customer engagement across OTT and Connected TV. It is the only cloud suite that boasts of being a post-cookie, post-SDK programmatic marketing platform. The OTT Marketing Cloud fills conspicuous gaps between the legacy CRMs and the audience engagement.

The OTT Marketing Cloud offers advertisers and publishers –

  • Cookie and SDK-free DMP
  • Third-party data purchase marketplace
  • OTT audience targeting and media buying
  • Online and offline marketing attribution
  • In-app OTT analytics


TruOptik’s clients can leverage the rich OTT audience measurement and segmentation capabilities using coordinated cross-screen campaign activation and attribution features. The growth in OTT platforms allows digital advertisers and publishers to bend away from the traditional ad platforms.

According to eMarketer, US adults spend 5.5 hours per day surfing video content. A Digital TV Research report expects the OTT market to explode as ad revenues triple by 2021. With advertisers engaged in a constant tug of war between TV and digital video advertising, integrating OTT Marketing Cloud will definitely monetize the ad spend strategy across OTT and Connected TV platforms. However, despite a visible drop in TV time, advertisers continue to rely on TV advertisement campaigns over digital video.

With disruptive technology always round the corner, placing faith on the new OTT Marketing Cloud is an encouraging trend for advertisers beefing up their budget for OTT and non-linear digital platforms.

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