TTEC Announces Global Launch of Humanify Insights Platform

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Company Brings Together Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics to Deliver Meaningful Insights Used to Predict Customer Behavior, Detect Emerging Trends, and Identify Next Best Action, Enhancing CX

TTEC Holdings, Inc., a leading global customer experience technology and services provider focused on the design, implementation and delivery of transformative solutions for many of the world’s most iconic and disruptive brands, announced the formal launch of its innovative analytics solution, Humanify Insights Platform.

With the Humanify Insights Platform, advanced analytics and machine learning come together to convert data into meaningful insight at the individual customer level. With this solution, TTEC is integrating and analyzing data to capture insights, using predictive modeling to determine what will happen next and then prescribing the next best action. With this proprietary technology and proven methodology, the company is optimizing business results for its clients and improving experiences for their customers.

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The Humanify Insights Platform enables companies to easily aggregate all of their customer data into a common architecture and data schema. This breaks down silos between departments and combines insights to enable strategies focused on profitable growth, customer experience, personalized propositions and operational excellence. This includes the creation of a customer data platform to perform in-depth business analytics, voice of the customer analytics, contact center analytics, sales analytics, marketing analytics and traditional customer analytics. By bringing together the best of insight-driven consulting, technology, and operations to take action on these insights, TTEC empowers companies to better connect with their customers within and across voice, digital, and automated channels.

Here are some of the benefits clients in automotive, healthcare and financial services have already experienced with the use of Humanify Insights Platform:

  • 20%+ improvement in customer retention
  • 30%+ improvement in contact center efficiency
  • 14%+ improvement in customer satisfaction

“For brands who are looking to create relevant engagements with their customers, it is imperative that they have ready access to the wealth of insights found within their data resources,” said Tony Tsai, Chief Innovation and Information Officer, TTEC. “By implementing the Humanify Insights Platform, clients are able to better understand their customer’ needs, behaviors and preferences in real-time and act on these insights to improve individual interactions and enhance customer experience.”

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