Why Customer Retention Is Highly Dependent on UX Design According to Nextbrain

User experience design (UX) is the process of making something easy to use and more desirable. It focuses on human-product interaction as a whole and involves aspects of hardware design. User interface design or UI design is a part of UX design that focuses primarily on designing the interface between the user and the computer software or an app. User experience design is considered both technical skill and art because there are subjective details that are attached to it.

90% of users will leave a website because of bad user experience design and mobile users are 5 times more likely to abandon their tasks if things are not designed to be responsive to their phone. With these statistics, one can easily understand why UI and UX design is considered a very important thing in any app development department. This goes for any app, be it web-based, mobile or any other offline software that is supposed to run on a laptop. UX and UI design is also used in designing applications and software keeping those with special needs in mind. There are specific laws that are in place to ensure this gets taken care of.

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Nextbrain technologies is one of the design agencies that has already made a name for itself in the development of mobile apps, considers UX/UI design as a crucial component of all software. This is because, in addition to all the above reasons, it is essential to incorporate a design of the website that can generally be marketed well, using tools available on the internet. Providers of web design services know that digital marketing is often involved in the early stages of the market campaigns for any website or an app and bad UX can make this near impossible. UX design is also beneficial simply because of the returns on investment(ROI) from it. It has a whopping 9900% ROI rate.

Tools like Adobe photoshop, blender, and other media-oriented software are used for developing UX design wireframes. Every aspect of customer experience is looked into and customers of all kinds are taken into consideration during the design process. Sometimes creating different UX/UI designs for different demographics is required, and this is also done before the product goes public. The technologies used in UI design include HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript, and these technologies get translated over web-based, mobile and offline pc based app design.

Good design is only possible when designers and developers work closely to give the best results for an app. It is always a good decision to develop a product with good UX design and one should definitely seek out professionals in the field to help them if they lack the skills of such design. Be it Android, iOS-based devices or cross-platform apps, they can surely benefit from a good design. Excellent performance and definite customer retention is almost a guarantee with such a design.

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