eZ-XPO Launches the World’s 1st All-in-1 Virtual Sales Expo Flywheel for B2B & B2C Lead Generation

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Virtual Sales Expo Flywheel can help companies to reduce costs by 30 to 40%, and simplify the lead generation and marketing operations for higher ROI.

eZ-Xpo, the global leader in Virtual Collaborative Network, launched the World’s 1st All-in-1 Virtual Sales Expo for both marketers, digital marketing agencies, and demand generation professionals every day.

According to CSO Insights, 68% of businesses report struggling with lead generation. Based on the latest Blue Nile Research, 76% of B2B buyers use three or more information channels when researching a product. According to Forrester, Nurturing leads can improve sales by 50% while reducing costs by 33%. Marketing Sherpa also confirms the survey that 79% of marketing leads never convert into sales because of a lack of nurture.

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eZ-XPO – Virtual Sales Expo Flywheel (VSEF) is specifically designed to simplify the overall complex marketing operations with the following features and benefits:

1. Consolidate Lead Channels with Personalized Exhibit Hall – With Virtual Sales Expo Flywheel’s Lobby Router, marketers can pull all traffic and route to specific exhibit halls by category. This will help consolidate all traffic channels into one single sales expo for lead nurturing and sales conversion.

2. Laser-targeted Qualified Leads with Virtual Avatar and Chatbot – every attendee and exhibitor is personalized for matchmaking based on their preferences and category. Every attendee is personalized with their exhibit hall based on their interests. Every virtual booth is powered by marketing analytics, live chat, and AI Chatbot for scheduling a meeting and can be designed automatically to feed qualified leads to CRM.

3. Nurturing & Convert Leads with Auditorium – Sales Expo Flywheel can accelerate trust and relationships with added-valued educational content displayed in the Virtual Auditorium and Virtual Booth through live streaming or on-demand videos.

“eZ-XPO – Virtual Sales Expo Flywheel combines the best in class technology and best practices of lead generation approach into one single portal where marketers can easily launch and nurture prospects 24/7 and 365 days. This is the best Inflation Buster for all marketers for higher ROI and fewer costs and time,” said Matt Fok, CEO, and Founder of eZ-XPO.

For a limited time, you can get started without a setup fee of just $250/month for 25 exhibitors or $10/booth. Please sign up here.

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